Fantasy Football 2010: How Does The Randy Moss Trade Change Things?

Michael WallCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2010

Fantasy Football 2010: How Does The Randy Moss Trade Change Things?

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    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings are smiling after the steal of Randy Moss.  

    Although, it is hard to predict whether or not the acquisition of Moss will lead to a Super Bowl appearance for the Vikings. 

    On the other hand, it is much easier to analyze the fantasy impact of the Randy Moss trade.  

    Clearly, the stock of players, on both the New England Patriots and Minnesota Vikings, will rise or fall because of the trade.   

    Here are some players whose production will clearly be affected because of the trade.  

    Will the stock rise or fall?

Tom Brady: Stock Falls

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    The New England Patriots just took away the best weapon Tom Brady ever had.  

    The quarterback is definitely scratching his head right now.    

    The top two targets on the Patriots will now be Wes Welker and Brandon Tate.  However, expect Welker to see more frequent double coverage.  

    This definitely does not mean that fantasy owners should take drastic steps in relation to Tom Brady.  

    Wait and see how he performs the next few games.  If his production steeply decreases, it may be smart to look at the opponent on a weekly basis.  

    If there is a close substitute on the team, then maybe Brady should be benched some weeks.  

Brett Favre: Stock Rises

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    Brett Favre's job just got a lot easier.   

    He already had the best running back (yea I said it) on his team, and now he gets a ten-touchdown wide receiver in Randy Moss.  

    Expect Favre's touchdowns and yards to both go up.  If he is available, pick him up immediately.  

    Favre and Moss could easily have a game where there are two 50-yard touchdown connections.  

    The acquisition of Moss also opens up the field for Favre, which means less interceptions.  

    The veteran will be presented with much easier choices, so he will not have to continuously force throws.  

Brandon Tate: Stock Rises

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    The 23-year old, Brandon Tate, has quickly become an important part of New England's offense.  

    The second-year player is already a special teams star (which helps in some leagues) and now expect him to be one of Tom Brady's favorite targets.  

    Tate only has 135 receiving yards this season, but do not be surprised if he breaks some tackles for some long touchdowns.  

    The guy has speed, youth, and a great quarterback.  

    Also expect Julian Edelman's production to rise, but Tate is a better option.  

Wes Welker: Stock Falls

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    Wes Welker is a great wide receiver.  However, he has had the benefit of having Randy Moss on the same field as him.  

    Welker was already seeing double coverage on some plays and we should expect that amount to double. 

    Although Welker is now the number one receiver, a lot of his production is due to defenses focusing on stopping Randy Moss.   

    Bill Belichick and Tom Brady will find ways to get Welker the ball, but they will have to be much more clever now.  

    Fantasy owners who have Welker on their team should not be happy about this trade.  

Adrian Peterson: Stock Rises, But Barely

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    Jeff Gross/Getty Images

    Adrian Peterson will certainly benefit from this trade.  

    However, his production is already very high and it will be hard for his performance to improve a great deal.  

    AP is already averaging just over 130 yards per game and he has ran for three touchdowns in three games.   

    Defensive coordinators will now have nightmares when attempting to determine a strategy to stop the Minnesota offense.  

    Do you put men in the box to stop Peterson?  Or do you make sure that Moss is not facing single coverage? 

    Adrian Peterson may begin to see some gaping holes on the field.  Expect at least one 200-yard, three-touchdown performance from AP with Randy Moss on the team.  

    AP just became the number one fantasy player.  

Percy Harvin and Visanthe Shiancoe: Stock Rises

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    Jeff Gross/Getty Images

    As mentioned before, the middle of the field will become wide open on some plays with the acquisition of Randy Moss.  

    Randy Moss will have the same affect on Percy Harvin as he did on Wes Welker.  

    Harvin can now thrive as the number two wide receiver to Moss.  With safeties protecting the deep ball, Harvin will be able to run free around the middle of the field.  

    Brett Favre will still love to throw the ball to Visanthe Shiancoe.  Minnesota may now have a great red-zone option in Moss, but the tight end should be able to avoid some coverage in the middle of the field.  

    The fact is that it will be hard for defenses to have great coverage on every Minnesota weapon.  

    Sometimes, defenses are simply going to forget about Shiancoe and he is going to hurt them.  

Sidney Rice: Stock Falls

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    Chris McGrath/Getty Images

    Some fantasy owners have been holding onto Sidney Rice all season, hoping that his success from last year will carry over to this season when he returns. 

    The trade for Randy Moss definitely will affect Rice's production when he does come back.  He is no longer going to be Favre's favorite deep-target.  

    He will be a great pick-up when he does return, but the timetable is still uncertain.  Right now it looks like early-mid November.  

    Once it becomes more clear, fantasy owners may want to grab him when they hear some definite news. 

    Until then, an injured Sidney Rice is no longer worth a roster spot.