Randy Moss Traded: What Were The New England Patriots Thinking?

Michael WallCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2010

Randy Moss Traded: What Were The New England Patriots Thinking?

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    The New England Patriots are sending Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings for a 2011 third-round draft pick.  

    First the Boston Red Sox do not make the playoffs, now this.  New England fans must be as confused as everyone else.   

    Randy Moss is in the final year of his contract, and is only due $6.4 million.   

    Moss and the New England Patriots could not agree to a contract extension in the offseason.  

    After the team's win in Week 1, Moss said in a press conference that he thinks it will be his last year with the team.  

    Well at least he was right.   

    Here are a few reasons why the New England Patriots should not have traded Randy Moss.  

Draft Picks

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    Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have always focused on bringing in young talent.  Often times it means releasing or trading valuable veterans. 

    This seems to be the case in the Randy Moss trade.  

    The Patriots will receive a 2011 third-round pick.  New England now has two picks in each of the first four rounds of the 2011 draft.  

    Looking at those draft picks, maybe the organization's philosophy is working. 

    However, looking at all those draft picks, makes me think that the trade makes no sense.  

    The Patriots wanted to get some value for Moss, but another third-round pick in 2011 seems a bit ridiculous.   

    When it comes to draft time, teams always want a certain amount of their guys.  Wouldn't the Patriots be able to get their guys with the seven other picks?  Especially when they could easily trade up.   

    It is surprising that the Patriots could not have received better value for Randy Moss.  Wouldn't a second-round pick in 2012 make more sense?  

Taking Away a Weapon From Tom Brady

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    To be fair, Randy Moss has not exactly lit it up this season.  Moss has caught three touchdowns, but he has only totaled 139 yards.   

    Wes Welker has out performed Moss this season, but will he be the same without Moss?  

    It only makes sense that Wes Welker is so open in the middle of the field because Moss is facing double-coverage deep down the field.   

    The safeties would have to worry about both of the dangerous players.  Now, opponents' defenses can simply focus on Welker.   

    The third-best wide receiver on the team is special teams weapon Brandon Tate.  

    Tate may be a big reason why the Patriots thought Moss was expendable. The 23-year-old has not caught any touchdowns this season, but he has recorded 135 receiving yards, just four less than Moss.   

    The New England Patriots organization is clearly thinking that the system is more important than the talent on the team.  Especially after their great team-performance on Monday Night.   

    However, what are Tom Brady's thoughts on the system philosophy?   

    Good thing the Patriots just gave him a new contract, because Brady can not be that happy.  

Super Bowl Hopes?

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    Wait, aren't the Patriots 3-1 this season, in a tie for first place in the AFC East with the New York Jets?  

    The New England Patriots were not exactly a Super Bowl favorite with Randy Moss on the team, but they certainly were a contender.  

    The New York Jets have been adding players to bolster their championship chances.  The Patriots are now subtracting.  

    This trade basically eliminated the Patriots after the first or second round of the playoffs.   

    Does anyone think that they can win the championship now?   

    The New England defense has been very questionable at some points this season (ex: Buffalo Bills game).  

    So in order to win games, especially in the playoffs, one would think that the Patriots would have to outscore teams.   

    That task has now become a lot more difficult.  Bill Belichick just traded a future Hall of Famer for a third-round pick.  

Patriots Have To Play Randy Moss and Minnesota Vikings

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    Happy Halloween!!!

    Minnesota Vikings at New England Patriots, October 31st, 4:15 PM.   

    It is always dangerous to trade a player midseason to a team that will be a future opponent.   

    The Minnesota Vikings may have gained an advantage in that Week 8 matchup.  Moss is a smart player, who should be able to provide certain information about the Patriots playbook to the Minnesota coaching staff.  

    Now, defenses have to be careful when they put everyone in the box to stop Adrian Peterson.   

    Trading Moss to the Vikings may have directly caused the Patriots to lose a game later this season.  

    Moss' effort has been questioned this season.   

    I have a feeling that he is going to give it all he's got against the New England Patriots.