Kansas City Chiefs: Beware of the 2009 Broncos' Mistakes

Heneli IongiAnalyst IOctober 6, 2010

Dexter McCluster, one of the many additions to a revamped offense.
Dexter McCluster, one of the many additions to a revamped offense.Joe Robbins/Getty Images

I've seen so many people jumping on the Chiefs' bandwagon, getting far too drunk on that Kansas City kool-aid after an improbable 3-0 start.  Many of us who aren't on that ride just haven't bought into the foolishness that is a 3-0 start.

Is it warranted?  Sure it is.  

I'm excited for the Chiefs, they haven't had something to cheer about since a 10-6 season in 2005, but I'm definitely not buying into what they're selling for many reasons.

What is better than a 3-0 start?  A 6-0 start.  No one saw the demise of the 2009 Broncos.  The Broncos didn't see it, nor did the plethora of NFL analyst out there.  I wrote a comment a long time ago in which I stated that the Broncos had their strong start because no one knew how to scout against a team that had so many drastic changes.  

Many of the Broncos changes included coaching staff changes, personnel changes, offensive and defensive scheme changes, a change from a zone run-blocking scheme to a power-running scheme, and a change from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4. 

Such changes helped the Broncos get a 6-0 start because not many teams knew much about how to attack the Broncos offense or defense when there is little scout video on how they use their personnel in their new schemes.  

Once teams got six games worth of film on how the Broncos played, that's when they figured them out, which led the Broncos to a record of 2-8 in the next 10 games.

The Chiefs are getting much of their success due to the little information teams have on them.  They have two new coordinators, and many changes in their personnel, especially on the offensive side of the ball.  They went from an "attack" style 3-4 scheme, to one similar to the "bend but don't break" scheme of the Patriots.  

The Chiefs will have success early on, but if they don't change their game a bit, they'll suffer the same fate that the 2009 Broncos suffered last season.

I highly doubt that Chiefs will get to 6-0, as the Broncos won many of the first six games convincingly on both offense, defense, and special teams.  The Chiefs, however, barely won both of their first two games.  It should be a huge concern, as teams already are figuring out how to attack the Chiefs, and we aren't even halfway through the season yet.  

Not to mention the Chargers are ranked first on offense and defense, they're heading into the second quarter of the season looking very strong, despite the lack of special teams coverage.

The Chiefs' only way to continue their success is for their offense to pick it up in the passing game, as many run-oriented teams don't make it to the playoffs if they don't have a dominant defense, and as it currently stands, the Chiefs don't have a dominant defense.

Look for the many of the Chiefs' opponents to get tougher on them as many teams are already starting to figure out how they play their game.