San Francisco 49ers QBs: Is It Time for the Team To Break Up With Alex Smith?

Joseph BurkeyAnalyst IOctober 6, 2010

Is it over between Alex Smith and the 49ers?
Is it over between Alex Smith and the 49ers?Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Breaking up is never easy, especially when you really like someone. No matter how kind, how hard-working, how spirited someone is, if it's just not working out, then we do ourselves injustice by not moving on.

Yeah, I'm still talking about football here. Specifically the 49ers quarterback situation with Alex Smith, and their 0-4 record. The bad romance between Smith and the 49ers, like a failing marriage, seems to be nearing an end.

Mike Singletary himself once made a similar analogy regarding losing after the 49ers got their tails kicked by the Seattle Seahawks in 2008.

Since that Seattle game, the 49ers watched Shaun Hill become the first 49er quarterback to post a winning record since Jeff Garcia hill was then replaced  by Alex Smith, and eventually traded to the Lions.

The confidence in Smith was rekindled as coaches and fans pointed to his need for consistency at offensive coordinator, but Smith's poor performance this year ended in the dismissal of yet another offensive coordinator.

Short of bringing Urban Myer in as offensive coordinator, there is nothing left to do to salvage Smith's 49ers career. It's time for us to, you know, move on.

There are plenty of teams out there, and I'm sure there's one whose situation is right for Alex. Don't worry about the 49ers either, they'll find someone new.

Life goes on.

Looking back on the good times can make breakups painful. Luckily, there's not too many of those to scar the heart of San Francisco.

Maybe the paths will meet again someday, when team and quarterback are more grown-up. Probably not though. The team is likely to see a continued revolving door at offensive coordinator, and possibly as far up as head coach.

When introspection is applied, it's highly probable that the San Francisco 49ers and Alex Smith are just not right for each other.

Smith's career as a 49er can not be made by the pending game against Philadelphia alone, but it could be broken by the end of the first half.

A couple more picks and Alex is on the bench. If nothing else, the 49ers and Smith will need some time apart. you know, like a break. Some say absence makes the heart grow fonder. But one more loss, and they're through, get it? I don't care how many flowers he sends, or if he says "baby, I swear that's not me" it's just not healthy, the way things are going.

The thrill is gone; the flame has died out.

One question: can we still be friends?