Chicago Bears: Does Jay Cutler Have a Concussion or Poor Play Syndrome?

Gage Arnold@GageArnoldCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2010

Chicago Bears: Does Jay Cutler Have a Concussion or Poor Play Syndrome?

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    Jay Cutler took a beating last night; there's no way around that, but was it all to blame on the part of his offensive line?

    I understand this may be a drastic and rather negative approach, but a tougher look at it begins to show that the Bears' offensive line isn't totally to blame for their awful game against the Giants on Sunday night.

    I'll break down both sides of the spectrum and give a final analysis as to where the blame should fall.

Why It is Cutler's Fault

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    Jay Cutler had seemed to outgrow the prototypical "Gunslinger" mentality he had his first season in Chicago, but as the Bears took on the Giants this past Sunday, we saw that Cutler still maintains some of those old habits that caused his demise last season

    What is most peculiar is the fact that Cutler seemed to revert to these types of play against the lowly seeming Giants.

    There's no defending his interception; it was just a horrible throw right into the arms of the defender Terrell Thomas.

    Overall, Cutler seemed to try and make things happen too many times. Could he have changed that? Of course.

    This was just a sloppy game for Cutler.

Why It is NOT Cutler's Fault

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    As seen in the image above, Jay Cutler was literally running for his life last night.

    Now I want to be clear. Was that nine sacks? As in, like, nueve?

    That's the problem. I'm not going to pitty patty around about it; the offensive line was dominated and over-matched all night long as Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck reaped the rewards.

    The problem I have with this situation is that the blame is being placed on Cutler.

    Let it be known that Cutler was eight-for-11 for 72 yards and a 72 percent completion percentage during this whole time of being sacked nine times and thrown or pushed down even more as well.

    That's not shabby, minus the interception—he held his own while running for his life.

    The Bears offensive line has to get it together because games like that are unacceptable.

    If the Bears want to be serious Super Bowl Contenders then they need to fix that offensive

    Just ask Aaron Rodgers, who would have had a chance to lead to Packers to the Super Bowl last season had it not been for the 50-plus sacks given up by their offensive line.

Final Verdict: Cutler is Not the One To Blame

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    Whether it is believed or not, this team lives and dies by the arm of Jay Cutler. Matt Forte is not a legitimate workhorse back and, when paired with a solid Cutler passing game, is a solid running back.

    The Bears need, and I stress need, to get the offensive line troubles located and fixed and put behind them right now.

    If this issue isn't resolved then it will continue to come back and plague Cutler and the Bears all season long.

    I would look for a very strong practice this week out of the Bears front line as they will be hungry for Carolina next week.

    Let this be a wake-up call to the entire Chicago Bears organization. This team has potential, but the entire team is going to have to move together and work together.