Oakland Raiders Lose Again, Too Many Didn't Handle Their Business vs. Texans

Carl CockerhamSenior Analyst IOctober 4, 2010

Oakland Raiders Lose Again, Too Many Didn't Handle Their Business Vs Texans

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    The Raiders lost a hard fought game to the Houston Texans 31-24.

    Well, the game was hard fought at times.

    The Raiders could have actually won Sundays contest had they had any consistency on Sunday. Much of the Raider inconsistency was caused by too many Raiders that left their a game in the locker room.

    Turn the page to see who they are.


Tommy Kelly

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    Tommy Kelly was buried all day on Sunday.

    He was moved on every running play the Texans ran.

    He had five tackles but down the field.

    Of the 241 yards the Raiders yielded, 139 of them came on three plays inside to the right. What should be troubling the Raiders is how Kelly was driven off the ball with just one man.

    This allowed the center to zone step and cut rookie middle linebacker Rolando McClain off from the play.

    And that was just the beginning of the run.

    All that money for that?

    He was no better against the pass.

    Kelly had no sacks and no quarterback hits.

Lamarr Houston

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    Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

    In the preseason and training camp, I thought Houston would turn out to be a beast.  I am now starting to see why he was passed over in the first round of the this year's draft.

    Houston had no sacks coming into the game and nothing has changed since. Sunday, he didn't even have a pressure or a hit on the quarterback and had only one tackle in the game.

    He was often on the opposite side of the hole as Kelly when the Texans ran right.

    I thought he was supposed to be a disruptive force.

    That's right.

    "We talkin' about practice man."

    But the rookie still has time to get it right.


Michael Huff

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    I guess that was a one game thing for Michael Huff last week.

    I gave him all kinds of credit for making tackles as the last line of defense last week. This week, he went back to normal as he did everything but prevent touchdowns on big plays.

    He sure did show the speed to catch Arian Foster on his 79 yard touchdown run. He also showed that he couldn't do anything with him when he caught him.

    He also looked afraid to make stops on other big running plays.

    Mike Mitchell anyone?


Trevor Scott

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    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    Trevor Scott had to be frustrated Sunday.

    He is one of the Raiders best pass rushers and didn't even smell the quarterback. I definitely didn't see that coming as the Texans started back up left tackle Rashad Butler.

    The Raiders as a team didn't have a sack or a quarterback hit.

    They have to be ashamed.

Al Davis

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    There is no doubt that the reason the Raiders hardly ever blitz is Al Davis. John Marshall had been an agressive, blitzing defensive coordinator his whole career.

    I don't believe for one second that he came to Raider Nation and became passive. We all saw what he's capable of dialing up when the Raiders beat the Philadelphia Eagles last year.

    I didn't even see the elephant scheme he is known for on Sunday.

    It's effective when we use it and the Raiders weren't getting there with four on Sunday.

    Warren Sapp must be right about the sudden game plan changes on Friday due to Davis' mettling. It seems like he's mettling where he should leaving it alone where he shouldn't these days.

    Why did he let Tom Cable field such a bad offensive line?


Cooper Carlisle

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    Kevin Terrell/Getty Images

    When is Tom Cable going to realize that it's over for Cooper Carlisle?

    I get that he wants to show loyalty to guys that helped him get hired as head coach in the first place. But if he wants to keep the job, he has to be able to let go at some point.

    Carlisle has given up numerous, sacks, pressures, and tackles behind the line of scrimmage. I have no idea why he is still there as Sunday was far from an exception.

    Is Bruce Campbell that bad as a guard?

    Will he move Loper to right guard when Gallery comes back. 

Samson Satele

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    Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

    It's not a broken record.

    The record just keeps playing the same song.

    Satele will never be that guy at center for anyone.

    He proves me right on every Sunday.

    Satele is the softest center in Raider history.

    There are guys way better than Satele that don't have jobs right now.

Johnny Lee Higgins

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    Marc Serota/Getty Images

    Johnny Lee Higgins had a nice return in week two against the Rams.

    He's done nothing before or since to show me why he is still on this team. Nick Miller has shown in the last two preseasons what he can do but doesn't get a chance in the this regular season.

    Yamon Figures didn't get it done and the Raiders gave Jacoby Ford a shot. Higgins gave the Raiders one good return this year and they won't even give Miller a look at returning punts.

    He may end up doing what Ford is doing as a kick returner.

    It's worth finding out at this point.

Louis Murphy

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    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    I can't believe this one.

    Murphy has been Mr. Clutch since he's been in Raider Nation.

    Then he decides to drop one when the Raiders have a chance to beat the Houston Texans on Sunday. Murphy has to hold on to any well thrown balls that come to him because there aren't that many.

    Making plays when the opportunity is there is the name of the game.

    He also needs to help the quarterback.

    He didn't do that Sunday.

    But he'll be back.

Darrius Heyward-Bey

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    Thearon W, Henderson/Getty Images

    Darrius Heward has gotten a little better but it's still not good enough to be a number one receiver. Heyward-Bey caught one pass for two yard on the day but that's not the worst of it.

    He didn't make a play when he had a chance.

    He let one go through his hands late in the game that could have helped the Raiders out a lot. Getting better and having these results isn't good enough for a former first round pick.

    That doesn't help the quarterback.

    Where's Chaz Shilens?

Bruce Gradkowski

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    He's just not accurate.

    Bruce Gradkowski connected on over 60 percent of his passes for probably the first time in his life. But they were all small ball passes and against the worst secondary in the NFL.

    He ended up with 278 yards but it was the runs after the catch that supplied the yardage. 233 of his 278 yards came on passes to running backs or tight ends. 

    The Texans averaged 333 pass yards given up per game coming in but the Raiders could reach that average.

    He did have two dropped on him but he was 4-16 for 45 yards when throwing to receivers. 

    He was missing.

    His most notable miss was a deep ball that Heyward-Bey ran by his man and could have had a touchdown. Instead, it was an under thrown ball that Heyward-Bey did a good job coming back to save the interception.

    One of his two interception wasn't is fault but the first one should have been picked by the first Texan to touch it. The throw was not good and it has to be perfect when it,s thrown into quadruple coverage.

    He himself admitted to missing too many and making too many mistakes. 

    I hope you enjoyed the slide show.