Open Letter To Matt Cassel: Prove Me Right and Beat Indy

John BartramCorrespondent IIOctober 2, 2010

Chief Quarterback, Matt Cassel
Chief Quarterback, Matt CasselG. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images

Dear Matt,

I've been a staunch supporter of yours since the day you were traded to the Kansas City Chiefs.  I continue to believe you are the quarterback of the present and future of this team.

However, you continue to make it hard for me to keep backing you up, so it's time for you to give me some ammunition.  Next week will not only be the perfect time, but you will be the key if the Chiefs are to move to 4-0.

This is a big challenge for you, and the entire organization.  The Colts are a great team, especially at home, and led by one of the best quarterbacks in history.

Peyton Manning, as usual, has thrown nine touchdown passes and no interceptions, along with close to 1,000 yards.

The Colts have also given up over 700 yards passing and 425 yards rushing and that's where you come in.  They know the Chiefs have the best rushing attack in the NFL so it's going to come down to you.

Kyle Orton just torched this team for close to 500 yards!  In the first game, Houston ran all over them for 260 yards. 

Dude, you have to back me up.  I can't keep saying you're going to be a top-10 quarterback without a little help from you.  You need to carve up the Colts. At least to the point where they can't focus on either pass or run.

If you and Charlie can pull this off in Indy, there will be no stopping the Chiefs this year or for the next few years.  It's time to lead this team down the field, in a hostile environment, against what appears to be a superior team, and win.

Use Jamal Charles, Thomas Jones, Dexter McCluster, Dwayne Bowe, Chris Chambers, Tony Moeaki, and everyone else, but make the plays.  The defense will clearly be put to the test, but we all believe they are up to the task.

We know the Chiefs have the number one rushing attack, at least for now.  So what does that leave?  You, Mr. Cassel, it comes down to you next Sunday.  I know I'm a couple days ahead of schedule, but I don't care too much about the games this Sunday.

I know the Chiefs can win this game and I believe you will be one of the primary reasons.