Michael Vick QB Controversy: Why the Eagles Should Stick with Vick

Ben GriffyCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2010

Michael Vick QB Controversy: Why the Eagles Should Stick with Vick

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    At the start of the season, all eyes were on Kevin Kolb. Now, only a few games into the season, backup Michael Vick has proved himself not only a suitable fill-in but an above-average starter.

    Far outpacing his performances in Atlanta, Vick has looked like a quality passer and runner.

    Now the Eagles are faced with perhaps the best problem in football: Which quarterback should lead them the rest of the season?

1. He’s Been Dominant

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    Michael Vick has the second highest quarterback rating in the league, trailing only the talented Manning brother.

    While his counting stats are not that of a few quarterbacks in the league, Vick has been consistent, throwing for six touchdowns and no interceptions. His 60.7 percent completion percentage, while lower than many competitors, is acceptable for such a mobile quarterback.

2. He’s the Best Running Quarterback in the League

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    Vince Young and Seneca Wallace may someday be quality starters. But right now, the only one who should really be running an offense is Vick.

    He falls in at 23 on the rushing leaderboard with 170 yards. He’s averaging 7.4 yards per attempt, far and away the leader in the category.

3. The Eagles Line Is Below Average

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    The Eagles have allowed a league high 12 sacks.

    Some of this is certainly the fault of Vick’s pocket antics—losing yards of his own accord. But many are the fault of a bad offensive line.

    With Vick’s mobility, the team is able to perform better on offense and close one of the gaping holes in their team.

4. The Marketability of Vick

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    As long as he’s successful, GMs across the league will be interested in obtaining the services of the much-maligned quarterback.

    If things don't go well enough to be in contention and they get the opportunity, the Eagles could pull the trigger, get draft picks, and plug Kevin Kolb back into the system.

5. The Marketability of Kolb

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    Vick is only 30 years old, with many quality years of starting ahead of him.

    Without much experience, Kolb is still a highly regarded quarterback around the league. The Eagles could easily cash in on this perception for a few high draft picks and then build a team around Vick.