The Pittsburgh Steelers: The Best of the Three Remaining Undefeated Teams

Timothy KesslerAnalyst ISeptember 30, 2010

TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 26:  Defensive end Brett Keisel #99 of the Pittsburgh Steelers scores a touchdown after incepting a pass against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the game at Raymond James Stadium on September 26, 2010 in Tampa, Florida. The undefeated Steelers won 38-13.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
J. Meric/Getty Images

Several articles have already been written concerning the three remaining undefeated teams and which of those three have the best shot at remaining unbeaten.

The three undefeated teams are the Kansas City Chiefs, the Chicago Bears, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I think it is interesting to note the records of the teams that the undefeated teams have beaten. In doing so, we can more easily determine who is the most deserving of their undefeated status up to this point.

Kansas City's opponents only have a combined record of 1-8 at this point... only 1-5 against teams other than KC.

The Chiefs played San Diego 1-2, San Francisco 0-3.... as well as Cleveland who is also 0-3.

So, I feel that the Chiefs are untested by a real challenger at this point, and still have to prove themselves against higher quality opponents.

They have a bye this week but have a chance to prove themselves when they get back, as they play Indianapolis in week number five.

That will be their first real challenge; although, I think they will lose that game, and with that their undefeated status.

Chicago's opponents have a combined record of 3-6 at this point and were it not for the win against Green Bay 2-1, the Bears other two opponents have a combined record of only 1-5.

They also played Detroit 0-3 and Dallas 1-2. Detroit technically should have won the game were it not for a rule that clearly needs to be changed.

Again, not the toughest of opponents, but slightly more impressive than KC's, because of the win against Green Bay.

The Bears also have a lot to prove as well, but easily have the softest schedule over the next six weeks or so.

Do I think they will remain undefeated in that time... no. And apparently Vegas has not bought into the hype either, as they have the Bears as 4 point underdogs to the 1-2 NY Giants next week.

Now lets take a look at the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers beat Atlanta 2-1, Tennessee 2-1, and Tampa Bay 2-1.

Pittsburgh's opponents are all undefeated against everyone except Pittsburgh @ 6-0. Every team the Steelers beat was undefeated when they played them, and undefeated since.

Tampa Bay was riding high with confidence @ 2-0 when the Steelers beat them; however, they were the Steelers easiest opponent.

Atlanta has shown they are the real deal by totally dominating Arizona by a score of 41-7 and followed that up with a win against the defending champions, the New Orleans Saints

The Falcons scored nearly 70 points against their other two opponents ( a 34 point per game average)... while being held to only 9 points against Pittsburgh!

Tennessee, riding the legs of their 2000 yard machine Chris Johnson, are a tough team as well, and more than likely a play off challenger.

The Titans, just like Atlanta, have also scored nearly 70 points against their other two opponents ( a 33.5 point per game average)... while being held to only 11 against Pittsburgh! With 8 of those 11 points coming in the last few minutes while Pittsburgh was in prevent mode.

Steelers fans have unfortunately come to realize that the only thing our prevent defense prevents is our defense going an entire game without giving up a touchdown.

Its also worth noting that the Steelers are the first team to hold Johnson to under 100 yards rushing in 12 games, dating all the way back to last season when it was again Pittsburgh who held him to under 100 yards. 

So, i think it is obvious who the most proven of the three undefeated teams is... the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Taking into consideration the fact that they are getting back their two time Super Bowl winning QB, and realizing they have done all this without him, and I think they are without a doubt the most dominant team in the NFL at this point.

And the Steelers will only get better once Ben is back, offensively and defensively. Now that is a scary thought, or at least it should be for the rest of the league.