NFL Power Rankings: Ranking The NFL's Best Quarterbacks in Week 4 *Updated*

Chris Eggemeyer@@chriseggemeyerCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2010

NFL Power Rankings: Ranking The NFL's Best Quarterbacks in Week 4 *Updated*

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    The NFL has been pretty crazy this year, and we're only three weeks in.

    One of the most interesting parts about this season so far has to be the performances of the League's quarterbacks. Some have been spectacularly good. Some have been spectacularly bad.

    It may seem early, but right now seems like the perfect time to establish a measuring stick by which the starting NFL quarterbacks are measured for the rest of the season.

    So, without further delay, here are the current power rankings of the NFLs passers.

32. David Garrard

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    His numbers could have a little to do with the lack of protection that he gets from his offensive line, but that is not much of an excuse for a mobile quarterback.

    David Garrard is completing just short of 60% of his passes for 448 yards, four touchdowns and five interceptions.

    The worst part is that their running game is decent, so why is is so hard for Garrard to hit open receivers?

31. Derek Anderson

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    You have to question the decision process of the Arizona Cardinals front office.

    Let me pose a question to all Arizona fans right now: Who would you rather have under center, Derek Anderson or Matt Leinart?

    Anderson flopped in Cleveland, and he's doing it again in Arizona.

30. Seneca Wallace

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    In two games, Seneca Wallace has thrown one interception, fumbled once, and scored only two touchdowns, one of which was a one yard slam dunk.

    He also hasn't helped with Cleveland's inability to close games.

    I see a first round pick being used on a quarterback in Cleveland's future...

29. Jimmy Clausen

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    Starting as a rookie is never easy, especially when you have to come in off the bench after the season has started.

    That having been said, Clausen will never win games the way he is playing. 47.9% completions, no touchdowns, two interceptions, and four fumbles? You have got to be kidding me.

    Panthers fans around the world are beating their heads against a wall right now.

28. Alex Smith

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    Everyone is wondering what happened to the 49ers. They came into this season with some promise, with some even predicting a playoff berth.

    That will never happen as long as Alex Smith plays the way he is playing.

    60.5% completion? Five interceptions? Two Fumbles?

    And how many touchdowns does he have?


    Enough said.

27. Shaun Hill

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    The former 49er gets placed right above his former teammate for one reason and one reason only:

    He has one more touchdown.

26. Joe Flacco

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    I'm not sure what he's doing, but he's doing something wrong.

    Flacco was such a promising player, and he still can be, but he sure won't win games if he only completes half of his passes.

25. Ryan Fitzpatrick

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    He put up a decent effort against the New England Patriots and gave the Buffalo Bills the spark they need to get a few wins this season.

    I'm still not the kind of quarterback you want running your team all year long.

24.Carson Palmer

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    One has to wonder: How can someone play that bad with so much talent around him?

    The Bengals have one of the best groups of receivers in the League, but they can't be successful if Carson Palmer isn't.

23. Brett Favre

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    Favre's story is an unfortunate one.

    He comes back out onto the football field (again) with the hopes of leading the Vikings to a Super Bowl.

    Then he loses his star wideout for half the season.

    Then Percy Harvin starts having injury problems.

    So maybe that's part of the reason why Favre is playing so poorly. Either way, his QB rating is all the way down at 60.4, the lowest of his storied career.

    I hope this isn't the way he plans to exit the League.

22. Eli Manning

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    And to think people actually question who the better Manning is.

    It's Peyton.

    It will always be Peyton.

21. Chad Henne

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    Chad Henne is slowly but surely working his way to NFL relevance.

    Right now, though, he's still a little green.

    He is completing just over 60% of his passes, and is averaging only 7.1 yards per completion.

    The running game can't carry this team forever.

20. Mark Sanchez

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    Go ahead, leave your angry comments.

    Yes, he hasn't thrown a pick yet.

    However, his completion percentage is under 60%. That is not acceptable from someone who doesn't see a whole lot of pressure.

    Sanchez is also still developing as a leader, and people recognized that for a while. The criticism seems to have disappeared now that they've won two games.

    Wow! Two whole games!

    I don't care what people say, Sanchez is still immature, and he'll never been the player that the Jets need him to be until he grows up.

19. Vince Young

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    His numbers may seem alright, but his play is a whole different story.

    Vince Young keeps luring Tennessee fans into a false sense of security, making them believe that he is a quarterback capable of helping the Titans win games. Then he falls apart like he did against Pittsburgh.


18. Charlie Batch

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    This is more of a ranking of the quarterback turnstyle that is the Pittsburgh Steelers than anything else, but it's pretty spot on for Batch himself.

    Charlie Batch had a pretty good showing last week.

    However, that was against Tampa Bay.

    The jury is still out on Batch, and it may never reach a verdict, because Big Ben will be back on the field shortly.

17. Matt Cassel

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    Matt Cassel is starting to show a little bit of the player that the Kansas City Chiefs thought they were shelling out for two years ago.

    While that's all good and well, this team does not depend on Cassel for success, and could probably still win without him.

    The Chiefs are about running the ball, and that is as much about the great running backs they have as it is about the mistakes that Matt Cassel makes.

16. Bruce Gradkowski

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    The Oakland Raiders are probably quite glad that the opportunity arose to put Gradkowski back on the field.

    Raider Nation is probably quite happy as well.

    Gradkowski won't lead this team to the playoffs, but he won't blow the season for the Raiders either.

15. Josh Freeman

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    Freeman seems to be coming into his own as a football player. While his numbers won't be starting any MVP campaigns, he has shown poise and leadership on the field this year.

    I would expect Freeman to improve by the end of the season and lead the Bucs to a very respectable year.

14. Matt Hasselbeck

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    There's a part of me that wanted to put Matt Hasselbeck a few spots back, but, after some consideration, here's my reasoning:

    • Difficult competition
    • Bad Defense (which results in an exhausted offense ironically)
    • Mobility (all of a sudden Matt Hasselbeck is ok with running. What happened?)

13. Donovan McNabb

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    He's made some great throws. He has alright numbers. He's kept the Redskins competitive against two very good teams.

    But if you're putting up roughly 275 yards per game, you have to score more touchdowns.

12. Sam Bradford

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    Not bad for a rookie.

    If he actually had a team around him, he might be in the top ten.

11. Matt Ryan

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    Matt Ryan seems to be rebounding well from his sophomore slump.

    He's led the  Falcons to a 2-1 record and a firm grip on the NFC South after bringing down the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans.

    That's no easy task.

10. Michael Vick

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    While Vick is certainly one of the most exciting players in the League, he still needs to prove himself as a consistent, capable starting quarterback.

    Getting the starting nod in Kevin Kolb's absence was a start, now it's up to Vick to capitalize.

    He could very well move up this list.

9. Matt Schaub

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    Consistency is key here.

    Consider his yardage total in his first three game: 107, 497, 241.

    If Schaub just needs to even out his game a little. He's still capable of leading the Texans to the playoffs, but how far they go in it is contingent upon that.

8. Tony Romo

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    Touche, Tony Romo, Touche.

    A lot of people were ready to write off Tony Romo after some severe inconsistencies in his career, Romo seems to have evened it out.

    If he keeps playing this way, the Cowboys could earn another playoff berth.

7. Jay Cutler

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    I don't believe it either.

    Everyone was ready to write off Jay Cutler last year, myself included.

    So, my question is: Where did this come from?

    65.9% completion, six touchdowns, only two interceptions and one fumble, Cutler is rolling right now, and Chicago is feeling the effects.

6. Aaron Rodgers

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    This is when the rankings get really difficult, because the top six or eight quarterbacks in the NFL are all really good.

    Rodgers is continuing a great career in Green Bay this year, and is doing a great job compensating for a running game that has lost its step a bit due to injury.

    Rodgers could very well make a case for MVP if he continues to play like this.

5. Kyle Orton

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    Kyle Orton is probably one of the biggest surprises of the season.

    This is a guy who came to Denver from the Chicago Bears as a backup who most expected only to be a stop gap.

    Now he leads a Broncos team that leads the League in passing yards.

    Who could've seen this one coming, especially with the departure of Brandon Marshall?

4. Drew Brees

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    If this were judged by accuracy alone, Brees would win it by a long shot.

    Drew Brees is the center piece of the Saints offense, and he is on track to have another phenomenal season in New Orleans.

    Now, before you textually rip my head off, let me justify this positioning. The only thing keeping Brees from being at the top of this list is the fact that he is not the entire reason why this team wins games.

    The Saints have a great defense, and they have a good running game. The team's success isn't entirely dependent on Drew Brees.

3. Philip Rivers

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    Philip Rivers has four things really working for him:

    1. He has been pretty clutch for the Chargers. He has led two late game drives (although both came up short), and he really comes to play when the Chargers need him to most.
    2. Despite missing Vincent Jackson, Rivers continues to lead a high powered passing attack. Some teams have even schemed in a way that they can take Antonio Gates out of the game. In the end, Philip Rivers has made his receivers better, a mark of a truly good quarterback.
    3. He has played very well under pressure. In three games, Rivers has been sacked seven times, and hurried even more. The offensive line has not performed well, yet Rivers has shown great composure in collapsing pockets, as well as on rollouts.
    4. He is the glue holding this team together. Without Rivers, the Chargers would be facing a long season that would likely end below .500.

2. Tom Brady

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    Tom Brady is the reason why the New England Patriots win games.

    Brady is probably the game's best field general, and he is the glue holding the Patriots together right now.

    He is also a complete class act on and off the field.

    He is the NFL's Golden Boy.

1. Peyton Manning

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    Without Peyton Manning, the Colts are a four or five win team. At best.

    What else needs to be said...

    How about his numbers?

    69% completion rating.

    1,013 yards.

    9 touchdowns.

    0 turnovers.

    It's almost reaching a point where the Colts should consider renaming themselves the Indianapolis Peyton Mannings.

Questions? Comments? Angry Rantings?

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    *Note* I have updated these rankings due to several discussions I have had, as well as some reflections on the list as a whole. Please accept my humble apologies for the blatant bias I showed, and hopefully all has been fixed.

    Do you love these rankings? Do you hate them?

    Either way, tell me.

    Comment, message, whatever, feel free to leave feedback.

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