Uno Cero's Castillo: Kassim Osgood Falls For The Trap

Chris Uno CeroContributor ISeptember 30, 2010

Mr. Osgood, you got lucky last night.
Mr. Osgood, you got lucky last night.Harry How/Getty Images

So yesterday Jaguars WR Kassim Osgood was chilling out at the house of Jaguars cheerleader Mackenzie Rae Putnal, when a man wearing a plastic bag over his face strolled in and proclaimed, " I can't believe you're with this guy." The man was Julian Armand Bartletto, a 20 year old man who is the ex-boyfriend of said Putnal. He then proceeded to attack the two and pistol-whipped both before they were able to escape. Osgood leapt out of a second-story window and called police from a neighbor's house while Putnal ran to her first floor where she found a gun and exchanged shots with Bartletto, both missing each other. Bartletto fled and was later arrested at his home.

Normally I wouldn't blame the man who was caught in the middle of a situation like this between two ex-lovers, nor would I laugh when there's a possible fatal situation, but this story is actually very funny.

First off, let's take the two victims, Kassim and Mackenzie. Kassim is 30 years old while Miss Putnal is 19, this right here can lead to a lot of drama. This girl just barely graduated high school (assuming she did), so she's bound to have some kind of young ex-boyfriend that can't handle a break -up. Young peoples' minds haven't fully developed, so they tend to make irrational, emotional decisions without taking in the full consequences for their actions. This being one of the very obvious cases. Plus I've seen a picture of her, she's a hot chick, and I've seen a picture of him, he looks homeless, so I can understand why he would be extremely hurt to see her leave him and become involved with a professional athlete. This guy couldn't even afford to get anything better to cover his face with than a plastic bag. At least wear a ski mask or panty-hose. You gotta be committed to the crime. I probably would've laughed if I saw a guy walk in with a plastic bag, I just can't take you serious if you can't do the same. Also, how in the hell did he just walk in in the first place?!?

Second, the Jaguars organization doesn't permit its players to have romantic relationships with its cheerleaders. This will more than likely lead to the woman being disciplined, but it's really his fault in my opinion. While it's not at the R Kelly level of reaching for young women, it's pretty damn close. There's an 11 year difference. I'm older than the chick, and I can't even buy alcohol yet! He's gotta make the best career decisions if he wants to continue making the money he does. Otherwise he'll be playing Canada, or even worse, the UFL!

I think the funniest part is that he misquoted my boy Chris Rainey's text to the girl he was stalking. The idiot said, " What did that football player say to his girlfriend? It's a good day to die," while the actual quote was "Time to Die." I had to laugh, considering how dumb the perpetrator was. It was a dangerous situation where one or more people could've been hurt, but it all could've been avoided with a little common sense. Hopefully, he learns from this encounter and does a background check on all possible girlfriends. Or he could hire a P.I. to tail her and make sure she's all clear before he makes a move on her. There's a lot at stake for a professional athlete. This could've been more than just a case of burglary and agggravated battery.