Dez Bryant's $55K Dinner and The Top 5 Most Outrageous Sports Money Headlines

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Dez Bryant's $55K Dinner and The Top 5 Most Outrageous Sports Money Headlines
Larry French/Getty Images

Just when you felt like you could relate to these overpaid NFL celebrities, Dez Bryant goes and does something like this.

Admit it.  The NFL was slowly becoming more normal—its players more “common man” than ever before and more comparable to the average Joe's that create their paycheck.

Ben "the Ripper" Roethlisberger’s name was no longer taking up airtime.  Michael Vick was acting like a model citizen.  Ray Lewis had officially postponed all street fighting until after retirement.

Heck, Brian Urlacher, Mr. Blue Collar himself, was even back in the starting lineup.

Then, just when you were beginning to feel like one of the guys, like you might even enjoy hanging out with your favorite footballers, the Cowboys’ Dez Bryant goes and drops $55,000 on dinner.

Bryant incurred this large bill by treating a boatload of his fellow players to a meal at Pappas Brothers Steakhouse.  The dinner came as a result of Bryant refusing to complete his rookie duty of carrying teammates’ equipment. 

In professional sports, it’s referred to as hazing. 

In real life, it’s called a college education.

Because professional athletes do many things that regular people do, (i.e. buy houses in normal neighborhoods, marry people they met in normal places, attend normal high schools) we are often deluded into thinking that they are normal people. 

But, in reality, they are celebrities.  And many times they have the capability to spend just as flamboyantly as celebrities do.

The following is a list of the other four craziest sports money headlines of all time, rivaling anything you might see on an episode of MTV Cribs.

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