Philadelphia Eagles-Washington Redskins: Pregame Interview with 'Skins Blogger

Mike BurkeCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2010

GLENDALE, AZ - SEPTEMBER 02:  Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth #92 of the Washington Redskins stands on the sidelines during preseason NFL game against the Arizona Cardinals at the University of Phoenix Stadium on September 2, 2010 in Glendale, Arizona.  The Cardinals defeated the Redskins 20-10.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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As Donovan McNabb is set to make his return to Philadelphia, I was able to speak to Ryan John Estorninos of We discussed a number of topics, including his thoughts on the McNabb trade and his play so far this season. In the end, Ryan gives me some insight on where both teams will have an advantage as well as his prediction of the final score.

BirdsFan: We have to start off this interview with Donovan McNabb. What were your thoughts when the Redskins first obtained him?

RiggosRag: McNabb was a great pick-up, brought instant leadership to the team. As an Eagles fan, you should be able to attest to what he brings. A definite upgrade over Jason Campbell.

BF: It doesn’t seem like McNabb has played at a very high level so far this year. Tell us how you think McNabb has played so far this year and are there other areas (line/receivers) that are bringing him down?

RR: Playing at a high level is relative. He has passed for 171, 426, and 236 yards in his first three games. That is actually playing very good. His lack of touchdowns perhaps is due to a lack of talent at receiver and has kept him form having more touchdowns. So passing-wise, he has better numbers than Vick, who has 750 yards. Vick, though, has better playmakers.

BF: As a whole, the Redskins seem incredibly inconsistent. After an emotional win against the Cowboys, the Redskins lost a close game to a very good Texans team, but then got beat up by the Rams. What can this inconsistency be attributed to?

RR: Simple answer is the inability to adjust. They made no adjustments to the Texans, and they made no adjustments to the Rams. Whether that is coaching snafu or players missing assignments. Something must be addressed.

BF: What player has been the most pleasant surprise for the Redskins? Which player has been the opposite?

RR: Trent Williams has stepped up big in his two games so far. He has shown great poise and ability. As far as disappointment, it’s Albert Haynesworth. You would think an upset talent would want to show up the coaches who relegate him to the doghouse. Instead his play, when he has been on the field, has been OK.

BF: What do you think about the Eagles quarterback situation? Do you think Andy Reid made the right choice?

RR: Reid has made the right choice, now. With the possibility of no football next year and a bad rap that just follows Vick (whether he brings it upon himself or not), Reid made the choice that gives him a shot now. Just the fact the Eagles admitted to listening to offers for Kolb, Andy Reid seems to be throwing up a Hail Mary shot with his pick to save his career.

Let’s face it, if Kolb never got hurt and looked like garbage through three weeks, he would have admitted a botch with the McNabb trade with the result on the field. With Vick doing so well, he looks like an accidental genius.

BF: On Sunday, where will the Redskins have an advantage on offense? On defense?

RR: On offense, the offensive line has played better than it has (if Williams is in the game) in recent years. Though there is no fanfare, if McNabb has time, he can work. If the Redskins have a fighting chance, it will be through the air.

On defense, not really sure. At the moment the defense is the weakness. If I had to guess, the linebackers with Laron Landry playing shallow have been stout. However, Andre Carter looks lost in coverage.

BF: Where will the Eagles have an advantage on offense? On defense?

RR: At the quarterback position. I think Vick played well with the run and has hit his receivers. If he lies in the pocket, they should get open. It could be a field day based on last week and the Texans game. On defense, the pass rush has always been superb.

BF: What player could be a potential X-factor for the Redskins?

RR: Fred Davis had two great games against the Eagles last year. If Cooley and Moss draw a crowd, expect Davis to get some looks. He is tall, athletic, and strong.

BF: Give me a score prediction.

RR: 28-13 Eagles. Vick throws two TDs and two picks but will make plays all game.


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