Fantasy Football Bandwagon.. San Fran 49ers, Eli Manning and Larry Fitzgerald...

Gladys Louise Tyler@neverenoughgltContributor ISeptember 28, 2010

San Francisco 49ers by Javiert Arenas
San Francisco 49ers by Javiert ArenasJoe Robbins/Getty Images


The best line from last week came from ESPN College football analyst Robert Smith, “Be sure you tuck and roll when you jump off that bandwagon.”  I bring that up not only for its eloquence, but because a fantasy line-up is a continual jumping on and off the proverbial bandwagon and it should always be safety first!  So in the spirit of week 4 here are bandwagons that demand immediate exits…and a few you may be precariously balanced on for the time being. 

The San Francisco 49ers came into the season heralded as the hands on favorite for the NFC West.  They are now approaching week 4 holding up the basement of their division at 0-3.  Being as it is only week 4 in the season there is time to turn this around.  But right now your fantasy line-up demands action.  So the offensive coordinator for the 49ers has been firedFrank Gore who I am pretty sure was drafted in your top ten has 193 yards averaging 3.7 yards with one touchdown! If you are in PPR league there is no reason for panic…I repeat there is no reason for panic; as Gore is both rushing and catching with consistency.  And there is reason to believe that a new offensive coordinator who agrees with Singletary will find a way to make Gore more productive in the run.  The 49ers play Atlanta in week 4. 

 But what about the defense of the 49ers; tuck and roll my friends…tuck and roll!  The defense has over three weeks amassed 130 tackles, 3 sacks and 2 interceptions while looking lost and lethargic.  A new offensive coordinator will help the offensive but what is going to help a defense that in week 4 has to deal with a resurgent Falcon team?

Eli Manning doesn’t illicit panic but you do want to make that slow jump off the bandwagon for his week 4 match-up against the Bears.  Eli’s has thus far gained 810 yards but with 5 TD’s and 6 INT.    His fantasy points have been on a gradual decline: week one 22.3 points; week two 13.0 points; and week three 11.6 points!  Granted all these interceptions and dropped passes haven’t been only Eli’s fault as his receivers seem to lose the ball in the lights, sun and glare from the bright lights of the stadium.  But my fantasy point aren’t inclined to give me partial credit…so for week 4…tuck and roll…and if you can hold onto Eli…he’s a Manning, there is bound to be comeback?

The last I say with trepidation…Larry Fitzgerald!  I know…I know…but what good is a stud if he hasn’t anyone reliable to throw it to him?   Three weeks in the season Fitzgerald has 152 yards with 2 TD’s.  He is averaging 12.7 yards…but his fantasy numbers are 10.3; 8.3 and 8.6.  I am in no way suggesting you tuck and roll on Fitzgerald’s bandwagon…but watch the quarterback situation carefully.   Fitzgerald can only do so much. 

Week 4 time to make your turnaround…or hold your ground!  Remember when you dive off the bandwagon…tuck and roll…tuck and roll…safety first!