Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears: 10 Bold Monday Night Football Locks

Bailey Brautigan@BBrautiganFeatured ColumnistSeptember 27, 2010

Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears: 10 Bold Monday Night Football Locks

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    The Green Bay Packers will travel to Soldier Field to take on the Chicago Bears in a game that is looking like the best edition of Monday Night Football yet this season.

    Both teams have started the season 2-0—and tonight will be a battle of two NFC North giants.

    Will the Packers prove live up to high (Super Bowl high) expectations, or will the home turf help the Bears pull off the upset?

    Let's break down this game and determine which team will remain undefeated.

    Here are 10 predictions for Monday Night Football.

10. Bears Rush Defense

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    The Chicago Bears lead the league in defending against the rush, so expect the Packers to try air out the ball even more than usual during this game.

    The Packers may be missing Ryan Grant, but they will learn early that they won't get very far running the ball anyway.

9. Quarterback Shootout

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    This game will be a definite battle of the quarterbacks with Aaron Rodgers, an already proven elite leader, and Jay Cutler emerging as a solid quarterback in his own right.

    Expect both teams to keep the ball in the air and for this to be a very high-scoring game.

8. Aaron Rodgers

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    Rodgers put up some decent numbers against the Buffalo Bills last week, and (believe it or not) the Bills' passing defense is actually ranked higher than that of the Bears. I know it's hard to imagine the Bills being ranked higher than anyone in anything, but it's true.

    We already know that this will be a battle of the quarterbacks, and I expect Aaron Rodgers to have his best game yet against the Bears.

    With zero interceptions.

7. Jay Cutler

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    The Packers are an entirely different story when it comes to passing D. In fact, they're ranked No. 1 in the league when it comes to defending against the pass.

    Cutler will really have to improve upon his accuracy this game, and he will realize very early on that the Packers are a much better team than the Dallas Cowboys.

    I'm predicting at least two interceptions—but we'll probably see more than that.

6. Kristin Cavallari Sighting?

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    Jay Cutler has been having just as much success off the field this season, and he has been linked to reality television star Kristin Cavallari.

    Don't care about either team? Well, maybe the chance of seeing this blond hottie in the stands might entice you to tune in tonight.

    Okay. Now back to football.

5. Finley Vs. Urlacher

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    Jermichael Finley had a great game against the Buffalo Bills, with four receptions on 103 yards.

    But, the Bears have Brian Urlacher, a seasoned veteran linebacker who should be able to shut down this young tight end.

4. Clay Matthews

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    During Week 1 against the Detroit Lions, the Bears' offensive line allowed Jay Cutler to be sacked four times. Even though the Bears cut that number down to only one last week against the Cowboys—the Packers have a secret weapon: Clay Matthews.

    Matthews has already racked up six sacks in just two games this season, and I expect Jay Cutler to get very familiar with the turf during this game.

3. Very Close Game

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    Both of these teams are undefeated for a reason: They are both very good football teams that have played relatively weak opponents up until this point.

    This game will come down to whoever scores last, and I don't expect either team to win by more than a field goal.

    Maybe even in overtime.

2. NFC North

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    Whichever team wins this game will prove to be the most dominant force in the NFC North. With the Detroit Lions looking like...well, the Detroit Lions, and the Minnesota Vikings still struggling, the battle for the division leaves the Packers and the Bears.

    And whoever remains undefeated will remain at the top of the NFC North for the rest of the season.

1. Bears Take The Win

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    This may seem like a long shot, but I'm picking the Bears to win this game. They're at home. They're coming off an impressive win over the Dallas Cowboys. And Jay Cutler is the real deal.

    Predicted Score: Packers 31, Bears 34