Pittsburgh Steelers Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: A Brief Summary On Sunday's Game

Jack JamiesonContributor ISeptember 27, 2010

TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 26:  Receiver Mike Wallace #17 of the Pittsburgh Steelers catches a touchdown pass in front of defender Cody Grimm #35 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the game at Raymond James Stadium on September 26, 2010 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
J. Meric/Getty Images

It’s fair to say that 38-13 is a shocking outcome from yesterday’s game.

I personally envisioned a low scoring game but still had faith that the Steelers would clinch it.

The Steelers are now 3-0 heading into next week’s rivalry game against the Ravens.

Charlie Batch led the offense onto the field for the first drive of the game and on second and seven after a 3-yard run, INTERCEPTION.

My thoughts were, "Oh no another game with a very low scoring and a low yardage offense." However, my faith in the Steelers "D" never lacked, and they managed to keep the Buccaneers out of the end zone and held them to only three points.

From there, it was a complete turn for the offense from what we have seen so far in the season.

Aside from the three and out on the next possession, the offense came onto the field and scored four back-to-back touchdowns on their possessions. Two were thrown to Mike Wallace, the second-year wide receiver who has made a big impact on this Steelers team. On the day, he caught three passes for 100 yards and two touchdowns.

From my point of view as a Steelers fan, I didn’t have a lot of faith in Batch and expected him to be handing the ball off on 75 percent of the plays. However, he showed that he also has the ability to throw the ball completing 12 of 17 passes for 186 yards and three touchdowns. But when he did hand the ball off, it was successful as well.

Rashard Mendenhall put up his second 100 yard game of the season carrying for 148 yards on 19 carries and a TD.

Even though the bulk of this article is about the offense, which managed to post 38 points to the surprise of all fans, once again the "Steel Curtain" showed its true colors, sacking the QB four times, forcing one fumble, and scoring a TD on Brett Keisel’s pick-six interception.

The defense managed to stop the Bucs on the majority of third down conversions. The Buccaneers only converted on 42 percent of third down attempts and were limited to an average of only 4.9 yards per offensive play, whereas the Steelers offense averaged 7.9 yards per offensive play.

Kicker Jeff Reed was once again perfect, proving that it was wise to keep him on the Steelers roster.

To conclude, the performance that the Steelers gave yesterday was one that should have been watched.

It once again shown that the Steelers are not just a one man team with Big Ben and that they are not solely reliant on him. Batch’s performance showed that the veteran still has the ability to shine and that is a good backup for Ben when he returns.

It might still be a bit early and optimistic, but PLAYOFFS HERE WE COME!