Brett Favre's Career: 10 Worst Moments In NFL

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer ISeptember 26, 2010

Brett Favre's Career: 10 Worst Moments In NFL

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    Ah, Brett Favre. How we do love you, let us count the ways. Ten to be exact.

    Favre has had some bad moments in the NFL and seems to be the off season joke of the NFL. He says he's retiring, but we all know better.

    He's also had some bad on the field moments as well including some of the most ill-timed interceptions that have cost his team the game.

    Here are Brett Favre's 10 worst moments in the NFL.

No. 10: The Retirements

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    With the Green Bay Packers, Brett said he was done, he was too mentally tired to continue playing. Oh really Brett?

    Then he resurfaces in New York only to don a New York Jets uniform.

    And in fine Brett Favre fashion, he retires again and says he's done. Uh huh, sure you are Brett.

    Just as predicted, Favre shows up once more. Only, it's with the Minnesota Vikings, a direct rivals of his former team, the Green Bay Packers.

No. 9: Brett Favre Intercepted Twice Against The Bears

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    September 6th, 2006. The Green Bay Packers were up against the Chicago Bears.

    This game would mark the first time Favre was ever shut out against an opponent. He was intercepted twice as the Bears gave the Packers a 26-0 throttling.

No. 8: 2003 NFL Wild Card Game Against The Atlanta Falcons

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    The Packers were favored, the Falcons shouldn't even been allowed to hang around. Well, they did more than just hang around.

    Favre turned the ball over three times including two interceptions as the Packers were dropped 27-7.

No. 7: 2005 NFL Wild Card Game

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    In one of his worst playoff performances ever, Brett Favre was intercepted four times in a 31-17 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

No. 6: Final Stretch In 2008

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    The last stretch for Brett Favre as a New York Jet didn't go the way anyone planned it, especially Favre.

    Through the final five games of the season, Favre threw just two touchdowns but was intercepted nine times. Through that same stretch, the Jets won just one game and missed the playoffs.

No. 5: 2004 NFC Divisional Playoffs

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    While Favre isn't completely at fault for this loss, his interception in overtime led to a David Akers' field goal to give the Eagles the win.

No. 4: 2002 NFC Divisional Playoffs

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    They were one step away from a Super Bowl berth. Favre picked a bad time to not show up.

    The Packers' quarterback was intercepted six times by the Rams, two of which were returned for touchdowns in a 45-17 beat down at the hands of St. Louis.

No. 3: 2005 Regular Season Game Against The Cincinnati Bengals

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    In a game that could have been mistaken for trick-or-treat, Brett Favre turned into a treat for the Cincinnati Bengals.

    Favre was intercepted five times and even when he had a chance to bring the Packers back into a tie with the Bengals, he was sacked and threw an incompletion on the final two plays.

No. 2: 2008 NFC Championship Game

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    The Packers and Giants had gone into overtime in the 2008 NFC Championship game. The Packers won the coin toss and were in great position to go down the field and get the win.

    Unfortunately, that's not the way it played out.

    On the second play from scrimmage, Favre's pass, intended for Donald Driver, was intercepted by Corey Webster, giving the Giants the ball.

    The Giants wouldn't need much more as they hit a game winning field goal sending them to the Super Bowl.

No. 1: 2010 NFC Championship Game

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    This was supposed to be the year that Brett Favre finally got back to the Super Bowl. All they needed to do was get through one more game against the New Orleans Saints.

    The Saints led late in the fourth quarter but Favre had one more chance to bring his team back. On a third down play, Favre rolled out and made one of the worst decisions he's ever made.

    He attempted a throw that was way off line and it was intercepted by cornerback Tracy Porter. It was the play that ultimately decided the Vikings' fate.