Oakland Raiders: 10 Players That Have To Show Up vs. the Cardinals

John DostoyevskyContributor ISeptember 26, 2010

Oakland Raiders: 10 Players That Have To Show Up vs. the Cardinals

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    The Oakland Raiders Vs The Arizona Cardinals is game that the Raiders should be able to win. Whether they do or not is another question entirely. For the Raiders to win a number of things need to happen. Certain players need to step up others need to continue to do what they have done thus far this season. There are ten players that i will spotlight in this Slideshow. 

1 Rolando McClain

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    Rolando McClain must show up for this game, he must stop Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower, in order for the raiders to win They must stop the run, let me repeat that they must stop the Run. Rolando McClain is essential to that goal. Derek Anderson has been suspect thus far only throwing for one touchdown and three interceptions this season.

2 Raiders Defensive Line

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    Rolando McClain can only do so much but if the defensive line doesn't do its job against Arizona's offensive line then he can't. As i said in the previous slid Derek Anderson is not nearly as good as Kurt Warner, and getting to him early will set the secondary up for several opportunity's for Interceptions. A 2nd and 15 is alot more manageable than that of a 2nd and 5.

3 Nnamdi Asomugha

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    Nnamdi Asomugha must shut down Larry Fitzgerald. Derek Anderson is not a good quarterback. Arizona's Quarterback situation is almost as bad as ours is, maybe worse, But he is still Larry Fitzgerald and he can make any quarterback look good as long as they can throw it in his Vicinity. Nnamdi Asomugha must shadow Fitzgerald or he will score a touchdown

4 Raiders Offensive Line

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    Someone must stop Darnell Dockett from getting to the quarterback some must stop his from stuffing the run. If Satele or whoever it is that is opposite Darnell Dockett can prevent him from getting into the backfield on a majority of plays then the Raiders will have a pretty good day as far as the offense is concerned.

5 Bruce The Great Gradkowski

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    If Bruce can play as well against Arizona the way he played in the second half against St Louis. Then the Raiders will have no problem beating the Cardinals. Bruce was not sacked while Campbell was sacked twice in the first half against St Louis. Basically what I'm getting at is Jason Campbell is as good as Jamarcus Russel at avoiding the sack, which cannot be allowed given the current state of The Offensive line.

6 Darren McFadden

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    How do you win games in the NFL. You control the ball longer than your opponent and advance the ball to endzone. Darren McFadden has thus far in his career been labeled a bust. but that was last season this is a whole new season and Darren McFadden has shown us that he is most definitely not a bust rushing for a 145 yards last week and running for 95 yards and six receptions for 55 yards in week one against the Titans. If Darren McFadden continues to do what he did in the first week he will end up  near the top as far as rushing yards go where he is currently second behind Arian Foster and ahead of Adrian Peterson. He has not yet broken it for a long touchdown but he has been very close to it on several occasions so far maybe this is the game where he goes for a 70 yard run.

7 Louis Murphy

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    Louis Murphy has ten reception this year he had 34 all of last year. Louis Murphy 6 5 of which were from Bruce Gradkowski who will be starting against Arizona. Giving his the whole game to connect with Louis Murphy.

8 Darius Heyward-Bey

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    Darius Heyward-Bey had six of his seven receptions in last weeks game if he can to be in sync with Bruce Gradkowski Then he will have a good game against whoever he is opposite of.

9 Zach Miller

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    Zach Miller has thus far not had his number called upon. he has without a doubt the best hands out of all of the players on the team. When the pressure comes hopefully Bruce Gadkowski will hopefully just drop it of to the safety net which is Zach Miller. Darnell Dockett will apply pressure during the game so Zach Miller needs to step it up, and be open so that Gradkowski will feel comfortable enough that it will not be intercepted

10 Sebastian Janikowski

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    Whoever scores the most points win. Touchdowns are obviously preferred but you don't always get into the endzone, and Sebastian Janikowski is a great kicker and can kick field goals from 61 yards aways he will continue to kick field goals from distances that other kickers can only dream off. thus far this season he has seventeen points he will have plenty off time to show off that leg as the season continues. When the offenense doesn't get into the endzone Sebastian Janikowski must make those field goals.