Cleveland Browns Quarterback Carousel: Is Ryan Mallett The Next Lucky Rider?

Brian DiTullioSenior Writer ISeptember 25, 2010

Cleveland Browns Quarterback Carousel: Is Ryan Mallett The Next Lucky Rider?

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    As the Cleveland Browns get ready to face the Baltimore Ravens, one has to wonder at the health of their quarterbacks, and if a guy like Ryan Mallett could be the next lucky guy behind Center Alex Mack.

    The Ravens defense is one of the NFL's better ones, and Ray Lewis has defied age and reality by looking as good at 35 as he did at 25.

    There's a good chance starting quarterback Seneca Wallace may not survive the day, so it's time to take a spin on the Browns quarterback carousel, and look at what the future may hold.

Jake Delhomme

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    Jake Delhomme already is injured after Week 1.

    The Browns starting quarterback coming into the season, he received a high ankle sprain and his return may not come for another few weeks.

    Once he's back, there's no guarantee he won't re-injure the ankle, but Cleveland fans have to hope for the best.

Seneca Wallace

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    Seneca Wallace will start at quarterback this week unless there's some miracle with Delhomme's ankle.

    Wallace is a very mobile quarterback, and is capable of being a good passing as well as a good running quarterback.

    However, Lewis may very well run through the papier mache right side of the offensive line and break Wallace in half.

    If that happens, the only other quarterback on the roster is a rookie.

Colt McCoy

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    Colt McCoy had a spectacular college career at Texas, but certain intangibles came together and his stock dropped.

    McCoy wasn't taken until the third round and now is the Browns second-string quarterback until Delhomme returns, at which point he will fall back to third on the depth chart.

    A worst-case scenario would involve Wallace getting injured and then a green McCoy coming in and getting destroyed by the Ravens defense as well.

    Don't laugh, this is Cleveland and it could happen.

If Delhomme, Wallace, and McCoy Go Down, Then What?

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    Brett Ratliff is the only other quarterback who has been on the Browns roster under Eric Mangini.

    He currently resides on the Jacksonville Jaguars practice squad, but that's not an obstacle.

    Any player on any practice squad can be signed by any other team to their active roster without any kind penalty.

    Ratliff was completely unimpressive, but Mangini knows him, and he could step in and hold the fort down until somebody came off of the injury list.

    But that's a big theoretical we don't want to dwell on, so let's dwell on another theoretical . . .

The Browns Take, With The Number One Pick . . .

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    The Browns and Team President Mike Holmgren may decide that the situation next year warrants taking a quarterback in the first round.

    That would mean either McCoy has suffered a catastrophic injury, or his development has either leveled out or regressed for some reason.

    If that were to happen, then the Browns have to figure out if Ryan Mallett, Jake Locker, Andrew Luck, or another emerging name will jump on the Browns quarterback carousel next year.

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