Vincent Jackson's Agent Speaks with San Diego Chargers Media

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIISeptember 25, 2010

Potential young stud tackle Tyronne Green is also property of Schwartz and Feinsod
Potential young stud tackle Tyronne Green is also property of Schwartz and FeinsodStephen Dunn/Getty Images

I have made no secrets about my annoyance with Scott Kaplan of The Scott and BR Show on XX1090 radio in San Diego, but the opinionated Scott did a fantastic job interviewing Jonathan Feinsod, agent for San Diego Chargers' wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

I had an hour-long argument about the greatness of Vincent Jackson with my brother (who I steal a lot of my ideas from), so you know I love V-Jax, but I don't like his choice of agents. Team Jackson has been completely inflexible without a leg to stand on.

Feinsod has a track record of advising players to hold out. They've made it a point to attempt to publicly pressure teams by releasing statements to the media.

Feinsod discussed Vincent Jackson's desire to remain in San Diego and that he believes the Chargers are a much better team with Jackson and holdout tackle Marcus McNeill. He painted AJ Smith and the Chargers' organization as unprofessional and irresponsible.

He made the point that other general managers got the feeling that AJ Smith never had any intention of trading Vincent Jackson. He confirmed that he has never dealt with AJ Smith directly, only with Ed McGuire, the Chargers' negotiator.

For listeners not looking at the big picture, Feinsod comes off as someone who makes very valid points. Please, listen to the interview and comment below if you have a response to what you heard.

In the meantime, take a hard look at second-year tackle Tyronne Green, who is also represented by Jonathan Feinsod and Neil Schwartz. If he has a breakout year, trouble could follow.