Two-Time Seattle Mariners: The List

Kevin CacabelosSenior Analyst IAugust 13, 2008

We all want Ken Griffey Jr. to become a Seattle Mariner again. If Griffey ended up coming back to the M's for a 2nd time, he wouldn't be the first. Here are a few standout Seattle Mariners that have put on the Mariner uniform at least two different times in their career.
Jeff Nelson 
Interesting case, not only a two-time Mariner, but also a three-time Mariner. He started his major league career in Seattle in 1992. In 1995 Nelson was a crucial part of the bullpen possessing a 2.17 era with a 7-3 record. In 1995,  he would help the M's reach the ALCS for the first time ever. 
After the '95 season, Nelson was traded to the Yankees along with Tino Martinez and Jim Mercir for Russ Davis and Sterling Hitchcock (Yes, that's his last name). As a Yankee, Nelson would go on to win 4 world series rings. Nelson currently has the second most post-season appearances behind then-teammate, Mariano Rivera.
After his five years as a Yankee, Nelson was signed by the Mariners for the 2001 season. He ended up being part of the patented, Rhodes-Nelson-Sasaki dominance that would put games away in the 7th inning. Then in early August of  2003, Nelson was traded to the Yankees for Armando Benitez. He spent the rest of the 2nd half with the Yankees and at the end of the season was signed by the Texas Rangers.
After two seasons with the Rangers, in 2005, Nelson signed with the Seattle Mariners, marking his 3rd stint with the team. He was granted free agency at the end of the '05 season and ventured off to the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago White Sox before retiring in 2006. Nelson now has his own show on the local Seattle sports station, 950 KJR with a segment called, "Tuesdays with Nellie".
Bret Boone 
Started his career in Seattle at the age of 23 in 1992. In '92 and in '93 Boone hit 16 home runs and drove in 53 runs. In the '93 off-season Boone was traded to the Reds with Erik Hanson for Dan Wilson and Bobby Ayala. Seven seasons later, Boonie would be joining the Mariners again after signing on as a free agent. The rest is history...
Arthur Rhodes
Rhodes was first signed by the Mariners in the 1999 off-season. His first year in the bullpen, 2000, was not successful. In 72 appearances Rhodes compiled a 4.28 era and a 5-8 record. However, the next year, 2001. Rhodes had probably his best season to date. He joined Jeff Nelson and Kazuhiro Sasaki to create the most dominant bullpen in baseball. Rhodes was the lefty-specialist and in that season and compiled a 1.72 era with an 8-0 record.
After the '03 season he wasn't retained by the Mariners and went on to play for the division rival Oakland A's and later on the Indians and Phillies.
Bill Bavasi signed Arthur Rhodes this off-season and surprisingly Rhodes was effective. He gave up only 7 earned runs in 36 appearances. During the trade deadline, other GMs noticed the value of a solid left-hander in the bullpen and trade rumors started to surround the southpaw. Finally, Rhodes was traded to the Marlins, thus, ending his career as a Seattle Mariner. 
Raul Ibanez 
Maybe the unluckliest Mariner of all-time. Ibanez came up to the big leagues from the minor league system as a Mariner in 1996, barely missing the magical season of '95. Ibanez would play five seasons as Mariner from '96-'00, during those seasons Ibanez would hit a total fourteen home runs and drive in a total 58 runs. After the 2000 season, Ibanez was granted free agency and then signed by the Kansas City Royals.
The next year, Ibanez would miss out on the magical 2001 season of 116 wins. Meanwhile, the Royals that season would win a total of 65 games. 

Tough luck.
After a dismal three seasons with the Kansas City Royals, Raul Ibanez was signed again as a Mariner for the 2005 season. This time he was here to stay. To date, Ibanez has hit 108 home runs and has driven in 458 runs in his second stint as a Mariner. A big difference when compared to the numbers from his first stint. Although he has had great success, in his 5 years as a Mariner he has only experienced one winning season, 2006. 
Tough Luck.
Despite the losing, Rauuuuul has become a fan favorite and this year might be his last year as a Mariner, pending the moves of the front office and his personal decisions. With that said, I'm sure as hell going to miss those funk blasts!!!

So who do you think is the best "two-time Mariner"?


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