Andy Reid Makes All the Right Moves (Mike Vick) For Philadelphia Eagles

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The Return of Michael Vick.
The Return of Michael Vick.Leon Halip/Getty Images

It is amazing being an NFL fan and observer. After watching the conclusion of Sunday’s games, you could see the sharks circling the Eagles camp and getting ready for blood in the water on Monday.

Back on Sunday, Mike Vick had just completed his first start under center since 2006 and led the Eagles offense to its first win this season.

For some this may not have exactly been considered a great achievement, but considering the road traveled by Vick and the fashion in which he completed his task on Sunday, it was something.

It had seemed only out of necessity that the decision to start Mike Vick in Week 2 was made because then starter, Kevin Kolb (concussion), was not available.

No harm, no foul so it seemed, but following Vick’s performance on the gridiron you just knew the same decision in the future would not be made as easily.

After all, Kolb was the heir apparent and a big reason why the team chose to part ways with former starting quarterback Donovan McNabb

Even in Week 1 after Vick's impressive display, it would have been a difficult decision to make had there been a chance Kolb was available, but as it was the switch to Vick was made easy and without criticism: Kolb was hurt and Vick was healthy. 

As the Eagles entered the third week of the NFL season, it was unavoidable; they had a daunting task and difficult decision to make. With all due respect, I hardly think this was a difficult decision.

Back in Week 1, Kolb entered the season as the team’s starter, but this was based on what?

The kid did show some flashes of brilliance last year in a couple of starts and even during training camp he may have even impressed a few of the coaches with his knowledge and grasp of the offense, but what had he really done?

He has hardly had any time to convince anyone that he is the real deal and ready to lead the Eagles to the next level. 

I am not knocking the kid here. While he obviously possesses skill and talent, whatever anyone thinks or believes at this time is just conjecture.

He still has to go out there and prove it. I am sure the coaching staff has great confidence in his ability, but in a league where winning now is a necessity it’s hard to overlook the obvious. 

Against the Packers, Mike Vick entered the game in the second half and passed for 175 yards and tossed one touchdown.

Vick also scampered his way to 103 yards rushing, leading the Eagles offense to 17 second-half points. It was vintage Vick using his legs and his arm to create offense and excitement.

If anyone had any doubts about whether Vick was back or if he was capable of playing at a high level once again, he removed all doubt in Week 2.

Against the Lions defense, Vick was once again impressive passing for 284 yards with a pair of scores and another 37 yards on the ground.

With Week 3 looming and Kolb healthy, it’s really not a difficult decision for Andy Reid and the Eagles. After Sunday’s win, you could already hear naysayers in disagreement with Reid’s proclamation that Kolb was his starter; how could they sit Vick?

It was surprising to hear the announcement earlier this week because of the sudden change, but should it really have been a surprise? 

It’s quite apparent that the Eagles can see what they have and what they will get with Vick, while Kolb is still a work in progress with upside and potential.

The decision to make the change to Vick is the right move for now. The Eagles must win now and in six quarters they can see what is quite obvious—Vick gives them the best chance right now.

The Eagles offense is definitely a work in progress with an offensive line that is a classic patchwork job. In two games, the line has been through many changes due to injuries, and one of the results has been shaky protection.

The Eagles have allowed a league-high 12 sacks (four more than any other team) and both Kolb and Vick have sustained quite a bit of punishment, another reason that favors Vick in the pocket because of his athleticism and escape ability.

It may seem hardly fair that the team has decided to abandon the Kolb era after just 10 passes, but this decision is less about what Kolb did or didn’t do and much more about what Vick has done, can do, and will do for this offense.

In two games, Vick has been efficient completing nearly 64 percent of his passes while leading the Eagles offense to 52 points.

He has also passed for 459 yards, tossed three scores, and rushed for 140 yards in just six quarters of football this season.

Kolb may be getting shelved for the time being, but it shouldn’t be a step back in his progress. He has a strong grasp of the game, confidence, and appears ready to step in at a moment’s notice.

He presents a very attractive safety net for Andy Reid and the Eagles offense should this switch stumble in the future.

While there is sure to be a lot of dissension with this decision (along with favoritism), there is no doubt that Vick is the right move for the Eagles (for now).


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