Dallas Cowboys Facing Probable Winless Season With Wade Phillips

Bud FisherContributor ISeptember 24, 2010

My name's Bud Fisher, and if you haven't read my articles before, you're in for a good one here.  I've been known to do a little excess with things that have "Bud" in the name, which has lead me to some opinions that some people have a problem with, and this one might be one of them.  I'm going to hold to my opinion unless somebody can sober me up to their line of thinking.

Enjoy the Bud View.

Back in the middle of the summer, I got real worried when I started hearing the analysts on television predict that the Dallas Cowboys were going to be the class of the NFC, and that they had a very real chance of getting to the Super Bowl in their home stadium.  They said that there were a couple of potential weak spots, but they predicted that Dallas would be able to overcome those things and make a good run of it.

Boy were they wrong.

First the pre-season saw failures in the offense, and people predicted that it was a vanilla offense that Dallas was showing, and that the real offense would show up when the season started.

Wrong again.

Now the Dallas Cowboys have started win-less in their first two games, and their remaining game prior to their bye week sees the Cowboys play the new powerhouse Texas team.  Now the analysts are predicting that after the imminent loss to the Houston Texans, Wade Phillips is going to be fired and a veteran coach is going to take the helm and see if they can right the ship, getting Dallas back on course.

Not only is Wade Phillips not going to be fired, but Jerry Jones wouldn't be bringing in a veteran coach even if he did fire Wade Phillips.

I've got the reasoning to back all that information up, plus a write-up of how each of the remaining 14 games are going to transpire for the Cowgirls... I mean Cowboys.  What do you Star-wearing Cowboys lovers have to look forward to?  I've got the predictions in my article over at www.GuysNation.com, and unless you guys agree with me, you can leave your sobering thoughts over at GuysNation or just drop me your hate messages there.  Don't waste your time leaving thoughts here because you can bet that I won't care about it - it'll just go to prove that the Cowboys fans are delusional and aren't smart enough to figure out how to respond somewhere else.  Heck, if you agree with me, I'd like to hear from you too, but the chances are that if you're smart enough to know that the Dallas Cowboys are probably going to lose 16 games this season, you're probably not reading articles about the Cowboys here on Bleacher Report - unless you're enjoying basking in their misery.

Enjoy the Bud View.