San Diego Chargers GM AJ Smith Holds Out, Team Jackson Fails To See the Irony

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIISeptember 23, 2010

Vincent Jackson says "Me First"
Vincent Jackson says "Me First"Donald Miralle/Getty Images

I don't suppose he (Vincent Jackson) sees the hypocrisy of complaining about his GM holding out for more compensation...after he himself held out for more compensation. Taste of his own medicine. You hold the team hostage, he holds your career hostage.Jeremy

I don't think the San Diego Chargers are interested in holding Jackson hostage, but they are also not inclined to do him any favors either. It is in the team's best interest to delay any trade until the last possible moment, if they intend to trade him at all.

The reason there was no trade, according to Jackson and his agents (so take that with a grain of salt), is because Chargers general manager AJ Smith was asking for too much compensation.

What they failed to tell you is that Smith asked for too much compensation for a player that teams were not confident that they could sign long term. Teams and players are looking at Feinsod and Schwartz and seeing that the New York Jets Darrell Revis also staged a preposterous holdout at their direction. The agents attempted to smear the Jets in the media, just like the Chargers. Unlike the Chargers, however, the Jets caved and signed Revis.

They'll now be traveling to Miami to play the Dolphins with Revis at home on the couch, where he spent most of the offseason.

Revis was last seen clutching his leg last Sunday after getting toasted by Randy Moss for a touchdown. With a lingering hamstring injury, I foresee a lot of more help over the top for the hobbling Revis.




That's not what the Jets paid for, but Feinsod and Schwartz are laughing all the way to the bank. 

With it almost guaranteed that any contract Jackson signs is going to remove the option for a team to slap him with the franchise or transition tag, teams don't think, they know Team Jackson will once again play hardball when his contract is up.

The Chargers were likely asking for a second round pick in 2011 and a third round pick in 2012 in exchange for the disgruntled wide receiver. No team is going to pay that high a price for a one year mercenary.

If a long term deal could be worked out, Smith would likely have little trouble obtaining the compensation he is asking for. Jackson's team has been unable to work out a long term deal with any of the potential trade partners. 

Whose fault is that?

I suppose since Smith is the so called "Lord of No Rings" he magically prevented Feinsod and Schwartz from working out a long term deal with the Minnesota Vikings rather than a one year deal, right?