Philadelphia Eagles: Should Or Shouldn't They Trade Kevin Kolb?

Elliott Pohnl@@ElliottPohnl_BRFeatured ColumnistSeptember 23, 2010

Philadelphia Eagles: Should Or Shouldn't They Trade Kevin Kolb?

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    Kevin Kolb's run as the Eagles starting quarterback could be over, according to a report Tuesday evening.

    Anthony Gargano of WIP Sportsradio 610 Philadelphia reported the Cleveland Browns have placed a call to the Eagles to inquire about Kolb's availability.

    Would Andy Reid and the Eagles really part ways with Kolb?

    Here's a look and some reasons that could factor into the decision to officially end the Kevin Kolb era before it really began.

No. 5 Yes: Unload Contract and Start Over

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    Kevin Kolb signed a two-year, $12.5 million contract in April, at the time seemingly solidifying his place under center for at least the next two years.

    It might not quite work out that way.

    Already with Michael Vick on the books as the highest-paid backup quarterback in the NFL, Philadelphia could look to unload Kolb's contract.

    Beyond the money, the Eagles could look to start fresh with a new face of the franchise in Vick.

No. 5 No: Why Give Up Already?

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    Andy Reid isn't lying when he says the Eagles have a good problem on their hands with Vick and Kolb competing for playing time.

    The situation might be annoying for everyone involved, but in the end the Eagles are in a good position.

    Even if Vick starts the rest of the year, the Eagles would have a reliable quarterback under contract heading into next season, even if Vick chooses to take his services elsewhere as an unrestricted free agent.

    Kolb's career numbers aren't very impressive, but at 26 he is still young enough to develop and has shown enough ability to prompt the Eagles to indoctrinate him as the starting quarterback of the future.

    It might be too early to let Kolb go just yet...

No. 4 Yes: The Eagles Could Get Something In Return

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    If the Eagles do indeed decide to move Kolb, the asking price is likely to be steep.

    Philadelphia would likely demand a first-round pick from the Browns, who have been looking for a quarterback for over a decade.

    If Kolb isn't going to play this year, the Eagles might as well get something in return for his services.

No. 4 No: Depth at Quarterback

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    The NFL has seen plenty of season-ending injuries to key players early in the season. Just ask the Eagles, who have lost fullback Leonard Weaver and center Jamaal Jackson for the year.

    Given Vick's style of play, the Eagles would be wise to hang onto Kolb, who is without question one of the best backup quarterbacks in the league.

No. 3 Yes: Have More Cash To Make a Run at Vick

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    Michael Vick is about to get paid.

    Barring an injury or a disastrous stretch of poor play, Vick is likely to get several lucrative offers in the offseason.

    Unless the Eagles move Kolb, they aren’t likely to be one of the teams lining up for Vick.  They have already invested in one quarterback and will have plenty of other needs to address.

    Moving Kolb now or after the season would free up additional money to utilize in the pursuit of Vick.

    If the Eagles really believe in his abilities, there is no reason they shouldn’t do whatever it takes to keep around for the foreseeable future.

    That could mean unloading Kolb.

No. 3 No: Kolb Is Content To Accept His Role

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    Kevin Kolb is used to being a backup quarterback.

    Now, as he finds himself in that role yet again, he is still saying all the right things.

    According to The Delaware County Daily Times, Kolb said after Wednesday’s practice, “I want to be out there, and again, I want to battle with my guys. But coach always does what’s best for this team.”

    Kolb didn’t stop there, adding, “So far at this point he’s done what’s best for my career, as well, and so I trust him and I think this will work out the way they’re supposed to.”

    As long as Kolb’s attitude remains positive and the quarterback situation doesn’t become a distraction in the locker room, the Eagles have no reason to trade him.

No. 2 Yes: Vick Is a Better Fit For This Team

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    The Eagles offensive line is a mess, and with holes on both sides of the ball, Andy Reid’s team needs to find as many playmakers as possible.

    Vick’s unique skills provide the offense with potential for big plays and forces opposing defenses to think twice about loading up to stop LeSean McCoy.

    As presently constructed, Vick appears to give the Eagles the best chance to manufacture wins.

No. 2 No: Kolb Is a True West Coast Offense Quarterback

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    One of the biggest criticisms of Michael Vick in Atlanta was his inability to run the West Coast offense effectively.

    The Eagles do things differently with Vick at quarterback, but ultimately still utilize a West Coast attack.

    Kolb’s talents make him a suitable quarterback for the Eagles system. Even if Vick reigns in on his famous runs, his improvisational skills will tempt him to stray from the nature of the offense.

    As long as it works, the Eagles won’t have any complaints. Unfortunately, it probably won’t always be that easy.

No. 1 No: The Body of Work Is Incomplete

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    Vick has looked amazing early in the season, but he has played in less than two full games.

    His performance against the Packers’ tough defense was impressive, but came against softer coverages with the Eagles trailing big.

    Last Sunday’s effort against the Lions was even better, but came against one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

    Ultimately, the jury is still out on whether or not Vick can sustain his production for an entire season.

No. 1 Yes: Michael Vick Is Back

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    The juice in Vick’s leg has returned. His throws are more accurate now than ever. And most importantly, it seems like he has finally matured.

    Even if his flashy style doesn’t comply with the traditional nature of the West Coast Offense, Vick’s presence makes the Eagles one of the most potent offensive teams in the entire NFL.

    Based on the early returns, it looks like Vick is ready to return to being an All-Pro caliber quarterback once again.

The Final Solution

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    Based on what we have learned from Vick and already know about Kolb, the simple solution to the quarterback quandary might be to stand pat for the remainder of the season.

    If Vick stays healthy and performs, the Eagles will be able to move Kolb in the offseason.  They might not get as much in return by waiting to make a deal, but it seems to be the smart move.

    Despite the distraction caused by the media frenzy surround the quarterback controversy, the Eagles are truly in a good place right now.