Vincent Jackson: Vikings and Schwarz Say Chargers Asking for Too Much?

Heneli IongiAnalyst ISeptember 23, 2010

Vincent Jackson
Vincent JacksonDonald Miralle/Getty Images

Vincent Jackson is disappointed. The Vikings are upset.  

Neil Schwartz—who the hell cares what he thinks?  

In the last two days, I've read so many articles stating that the Chargers are asking too much. Vincent Jackson just wants to play football, the Vikings need Vincent Jackson, Schwartz worked very hard to get a deal done, and many other folly reads.

Let me be the first of many to say this: GOOD JOB, A.J. SMITH!

Here are a couple of quotes I've picked up from some of these articles I've read thus far in the last 24 hours regarding the whole Vincent Jackson situation.  

1.  “They obviously think I'm a valuable player by asking for such high trade compensation, but why am I only offered tender salary?” Jackson told via text. “My agents and teams interested did everything to make it happen, but this organization stopped it.  I just want to play football.  It feels unethical and I am disappointed."

Unethical? Why?  

Is it because the Chargers aren't looking out for your best interest? Since when does the employer hold the hands of the employee and say, "Okay Vincent, you don't have to work for us, we'll help you find another company that will tailor to your needs."  

Grow the hell up, Jackson.

2.  “Multiple teams have told me that they can’t get a deal done with A.J. and some of the teams have referred to A.J. as ‘The Lord of No Rings,’ ” Schwartz told reporters during a conference call. “That’s how they characterized him.”


Did multiple teams say they really can't deal with A.J. Smith?  

I guess the Giants can't handle trade negotiations with A.J. Neither can the Dolphins, huh Schwartz? 

The Seahawks couldn't stand A.J. Smith, too, since they didn't get anything for the Chargers. Oh, wait a minute, all these teams have negotiated trades with the Chargers.  

I guess A.J. Smith couldn't deal with them, then.  

I wonder how all these supposed "teams" can call A.J. Smith the "Lord of No Rings" when those teams' GMs have no rings, either. Vikings don't have one, neither do the Rams or the Redskins' current GMs. 

3.  “Not now, not ever,” Schwartz said. “Again, it’s up to the Chargers. He’s got nothing with Norv Turner. He loves the city of San Diego. He loves catching the ball from Philip Rivers.”

Another idiotic remark by Schwartz.  

You mean to tell me that A.J. Smith got nothing with Norv Turner? Are we talking about the same Turner here?  

I mean, is he talking about the Norv Turner that took the Chargers to the AFC Championship Game in his first season as a Chargers HC, not to mention giving the Chargers their first playoff win since 1994?  

That Norv Turner, Schwartz?  

You don't mean the Norv Turner that took the great Colts team twice in a row in 2007 and 2008 in the playoffs, now do you? You don't mean the Norv Turner that is shaping the Chargers, with the help of A.J. Smith, to fit his scheme to get the Chargers their first Super Bowl, right?  

I guess Schwartz can't be talking about that Norv Turner.

4.  “They’re your bartering tool,” Vikings coach Brad Childress said of the draft picks. “That’s how you build with younger talent. If you do something for a guy like a Jared Allen, you want to know what you’re giving is commensurate with what you’re getting.”

Good job, Childress, in explaining how draft picks are used. I guess giving up a second-rounder and then some for a guy like Vincent Jackson, which is a huge need for the Vikings, isn't, how you say, "commensurate" enough to get the Vikings going.  

Look at what your Vikings gave up for Jared Allen. Y'all gave up a first-rounder, two third-rounders, and traded sixth-rounders for Allen.  

Giving up a second-rounder and then some for a guy like Jackson should be a pretty easy trade, shouldn't it?

5.  Said Schwartz: "One GM told me, 'Neil, A.J. just wants to squat on your kid's rights. He never had any intention of trading him.'" (

Of course, the Chargers don't have any intention of trading Vincent Jackson. It's not like the Chargers have a need.  

It's all these teams that have needs. As of right now, Jackson has no rights, so how the hell is A.J. Smith squatting on Vincent "kid" Jackson's rights?  

The Chargers hold Jackson's rights. That's why Jackson is called a RESTRICTED FREE AGENT.  

I suggest you learn the term, Schwartz.

I've read more than enough articles stating the Chargers are asking too much.

Last I heard, they are asking for a second-rounder and a couple of picks for him. That isn't much to ask, especially for a guy of Vincent Jackson's caliber.  

It's not the Chargers' job to cater to another team. It's the teams who are interested that must cater to the supplier, who in this case is the Chargers.  

The Vikings look very stupid in saying that the Chargers are asking for too much when they gave up an arm and a leg for Jared Allen. What Vincent Jackson is worth to that Vikings team currently outweighs what Allen was ever worth, but the Chargers are only asking for less than what they got for Allen.  

It's surprising to see that the Redskins aren't willing to give up their picks, as they are infamous for making such trades happen. I mean, they gave up Champ Bailey and a second-rounder for Clinton Portis.  

This is a 6-foot-5, 230-plus-pound WR who moves like a small receiver with deceptive speed and can stretch the field. Why couldn't they do it?  

I heard the Rams need some help, but yet they aren't willing to give up that many picks as they are a team in rebuilding mode. Still, a guy of Vincent Jackson's caliber would propel Sam Bradford's maturation process a lot quicker.  

All in all, A.J. Smith holds all the cards, and he's doing the right thing. He is doing everything in the interest of the San Diego Chargers, not the interest of other teams.  

In the end, A.J. Smith hasn't steered us wrong. I continue supporting him as he'll lead Charger fans to our first Super Bowl, without Schwartz and Vincent Jackson.


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