NFL Power Rankings: Week 2; Just Getting Started

Stephen StoneContributor ISeptember 22, 2010

Brees and the Saints are still on top until further notice
Brees and the Saints are still on top until further noticeEzra Shaw/Getty Images

I don’t make power rankings in the preseason, or after week one. It’s almost impossible to tell who’s good and who isn’t until you hit Week 2. It’s still pretty hard to tell at this point, but you start to get a better idea. For example, this week we learned that the Giants aren’t that good, and it had more to do with Carolina losing than it did with them losing.

I still anticipate most of this drastically changing by Columbus Day, but without further adieu, here are my first power rankings of the 2010 NFL season.


32. Buffalo Bills  The worst part of the Bills season aren't the games they're losing. It's the fact that Jake Locker isn't progressing as a quarterback, and he might not be viewed as the saviour.

31. Carolina Panthers  When I realized that Matt Moore was going to be the Panthers starter in 2010, I thought it would go horribly wrong. The fact that it's gone even worse than I predicted is really saying something.

30. St. Louis Rams They are on their way up, and have been competitive. However, they don't have the talent to play four quarters.

29. Cleveland Browns They have been very similar to the Rams, but they've lost to better teams.

28. Oakland Raiders Just when I thought that they were turning a corner, they laid one of the biggest eggs in Week 1. Although they won in Week 2, they beat a team that's won a combined six games over the last three plus seasons.

27. Detroit Lions They certainly are entertaining, and the offensive pieces are coming together. Also they should be 1-1.

26. San Fransisco 49ers I have to say I saw this one coming. I said they wouldn't finish above .500 and I stand by that statement. Luckily for the 49ers, that may be enough to get them a division title.

25. Arizona Cardinals They have no passing game, which makes the fact that your best player is a wide receiver that much more frustrating.

24. Seattle Seahawks I believe they're much closer to the team we saw against Denver than the one we saw against San Fransisco

23. Denver Broncos I believe they're much closer to the team we saw against Jacksonville than the one we saw against Seattle

22. Jacksonville Jaguars I believe they're much closer to the team we saw against San Diego than the one we saw against Denver

21. New York Giants I thought they had something good going on when they beat up on Carolina. It's funny how different things look after Week 2.

20. Minnesota Vikings They aren’t as bad as they’ve looked, but they must be concerned with two teams in their division that are two games ahead of them.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Are they really the 2010 sleeper? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. They’re 2-0, but they’ve beaten two of the bottom four teams in the league

18. Cincinnati Bengals They are not as bad as they looked in Week 1, but if Carson Palmer continues his play they will not beat many teams as good as the Ravens again this season.

17. Dallas Cowboys There’s too much natural talent on this team to be bad. They face the first must win of the 2010 season at Houston this Sunday.

16. Tennessee Titans They are one of many talented teams that have suffered from bad quarterback play. One thing’s for sure, they need to stick with Vince Young. Starting Kerry Collins is pointless.

15. San Diego Chargers Played like the real Chargers last week, but Kansas City will give them a battle all season long.

14. Kansas City Chiefs They’ll be a tough out all season long, especially at home.

13. Philadelphia Eagles They’re challenging the Jets for most headlines made by a mediocre 1-1 team, but they did make the right decision in going with Vick.

12. Washington Redskins They could be undefeated and are probably the best team in the division, albeit an extremely overrated division.

11. New England Patriots We knew their defense wasn’t good, but I did not expect Brady to play as poorly as he did in the second half on Sunday.

10. New York Jets They saved their season and brought their loudmouth fans back, but this team still isn’t nearly as good as they think.

9. Chicago Bears This team has a real shot at the playoffs. I would have put them in the top five if they had won their first game without the controversy.

8. Atlanta Falcons When an 0-1 team blows out a 1-0 team it’s hard to say how good either team is, but the Falcons have some talent and they are well coached.

7. Baltimore Ravens The defense has not allowed a touchdown this year, but if Flacco doesn’t play better they will slide down these rankings.

6. Miami Dolphins Not only are they the only team not to trail this season, they have scored on their first possession in both games and haven’t relinquished either lead.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers They’ve won both games with classic Steeler ball. Will the return of Big Ben make them that much better, or will it kill some of their current mojo?

4. Indianapolis Colts That was MUCH more like it on Sunday night

3. Houston Texans I didn’t want to believe in this team, but they might actually be for real. Giving up nearly 900 passing yards in two games is obviously disconcerting, but the offense is spectacular.

2. Green Bay Packers If you take away one half of football where they were obviously (and understandably) unprepared for Michael Vick, they would have dominated both teams they played. They would be my No. 1 if it weren’t for a rule I live by.


1. New Orleans Saints I live by one simple rule when it comes to power rankings, and I will never change it: If you are the defending champions and you are undefeated, you are considered the best team until you lose.