Vincent Jackson Agent Hurls Insults at San Diego Chargers

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIISeptember 22, 2010

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - JANUARY 31:  Terence Newman #41 of the Dallas Cowboys breaks up a pass intended for Vincent Jackson #83 of the San Diego Chargers during the 2010 AFC-NFC Pro Bowl at Sun Life Stadium on January 31, 2010 in Miami Gardens, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Doug Benc/Getty Images

How fitting is it that San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson hired a firm like Schwartz and Feinsod to represent him? Similar to Jackson, the agency will not take responsibility for its mistakes. Jackson's agent, Neil Schwartz, had this to say: 

"We had multiple deals in place. It is our understanding from (other general managers) that the Chargers were unreasonable. More than one general manager referred to A.J. as the 'Lord of No Rings.' "

You mean the general manager of the Redskins read the article by Jay Paris of the North County Times dubbing AJ Smith, "the Lord of No Rings?"

Wow Jay, in another year or two you can move out of your mom's basement.

I have personally never heard that the Chargers were actively looking to trade Vincent Jackson. Have you?

No you have not. You only think you have because of gossip sites like The Chargers are only willing to listen to trade offers for V-Jax. If not blown away by the offer then no thanks and have a nice day.

It's not a shock that the Chargers aren't desperate over this situation. Wide receiver is a deep position for the team. The Chargers would also like to keep a top talent out of their competitor's hands and teach these agents a lesson.

Vincent Jackson is one of only three restricted free agents to refuse to sign his tender. This situation would have been avoided if Jackson had been advised by his agents to sign his tender and report to camp.

Yet, everything is the Chargers' fault. Is anyone dumb enough to believe that?


Jackson's plan for a success was extremely simple. Jackson needed to rebuild his reputation, take out professional sports disability insurance, have a third straight fantastic season, and cash in.

Jackson seems to be a pleasant and intelligent guy who is also very irresponsible. Vincent Jackson has had three arrests since 2006 which includes two DUI convictions. Having one DUI is unacceptable but two is egregious. If he gets a third DUI, he'll go to jail for up to one year in California. He will also be banned from the NFL for at least half of the season if he's not in a creamsicle jumpsuit. 

How often does a drunk driver cause an accident and kill the other party and come out unscathed? How many times did Jackson get away with drunk driving? How could he forget his teammate Steve Foley and his alcohol-related debacle which ended his career? Did he miss the tragedy caused by the Donte Stallworth's heart breaking decision to drive drunk?

The third unacceptable incident was being caught for driving on a suspended license on the day of the play-off game versus the New York Jets.

Fans and media are quick to call AJ Smith arrogant, yet it is Jackson who arrogantly drove drunk multiple times. It is Jackson who childishly deflected blame for driving on a suspended license during a XX1090 interview with Darren Smith. It is Jackson who attempted to hold his team hostage in a bid to cash in.

It is Smith who stopped Jackson and his agents from taking advantage of the team.

The agents warn that Jackson will be leaving San Diego with no trade compensation.

Quit crying. Your power move didn't work, now move on.

If Jackson had elected to sign and rejoin the team, he'd be playing with top-five passer Philip Rivers and all-time great tight end Antonio Gates. He was almost guaranteed to have a third straight 1,000-yard season barring injury.

He would have been free to cash in next season (or whenever play reconvenes).

Now the agents must hope that free agency eligibility is reduced from six years to four years. And the franchise tag is done away with.  Or it may be the Chargers who attempt to cash in (with draft picks) next season.