Could a Midseason Trade Be Andy Reid's Master Plan for Kevin Kolb?

Martin WilliamsContributor ISeptember 22, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - SEPTEMBER 02: Kevin Kolb #4 of the Philadelphia Eagles stands on the sidelines during a preseason game against the New York Jets at Lincoln Financial Field on September 2, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Micheal Vick’s resurgence has captivated the sports world, few people thought he would be this good much less this much of a difference maker, this soon. The bottom line is that at least physically, Vick is back to where he was pre-incarceration. Plus the added factor, that few people talk about. Although Vick is 30 years old, those two years spent away from the game is that much less hits, sacks and take downs his body has absorbed. Vick’s performance over the first two games, completing 64% of his passes for 459 yards, 3 TD’s and no INTs, have Eagle fans (even the ones that love dogs) excited about the team again.

All of these developments leave Kevin Kolb on the outside looking in. Kolb was benched Monday in favor of Vick for presumably the rest of the season. One has to wonder why Andy Reid has done a complete 180 on third, but I have my theory, and it really isn’t being talked about much. I think Vick is auditioning for a new contract with the Eagles. Kolb will be put on the trading block, and the Eagles can get a lot for him. Let’s face it, what the world has seen of Kolb is more good than bad. Fresh in the minds of most is what he did last season in two games, that Donovan McNabb was hurt. Kolb shined against the Saints (the eventual Super Bowl champs) and the Chiefs, throwing for over 300 yards in both games. That showed tremendous upside. The Eagles can sell that upside to a potential team (say, the Cardinals for instance) who have a good team but need a Quarterback, since Matt Leinart didn't work out and Kurt Warner. Other possible suitors are the Cleveland Browns, Kolb is better than all 3 QB’s there, and the Carolina Panthers. The Birds could very possibly turn Kolb into 2 draft picks or more, even a solid lineman which they could use right now.

The Eagles can drive the price up on all these teams, because of one reason, uncertainty. No one knows how good Kolb can be, and nobody can predict how the labor negotiations will pan out. It’s the unknown, and it’s why hedge fund managers can buy yachts. It’s a gamble, but the team that trades for Kolb is taking all the risk. the Eagles know something, no one else knows about Kolb. I’m certain of it. Of course, any team that does trade for Kolb will check him out medically, and he’ll be fine there. But anything past that is any one’s guess. The stock for Kolb will not be higher than it is right now. If it happens, remember where you read it first.