Kevin Kolb Trade Rumors: Which Teams Need Him, and What They Can Offer

Elias Trejo@@Elias_TrejoSenior Analyst IISeptember 22, 2010

Kevin Kolb Trade Rumors: Which Teams Need Him, and What They Can Offer

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    Kevin Kolb could be traded and there are phone calls being made.

    There were many people who were shocked that Michael Vick was named the Eagles starter on Tuesday. Kevin Kolb was expected to start on week three and even Andy Reid said he would in previous interviews.

    That idea changed faster than Braylen Edwards and the Jets can spell DUI.

    Reid did call Kolb a "championship caliber quarterback." So that means he could provide plenty of value to teams out there who need a quarterback.

    Let's take a look at the teams that could use a "championship caliber quarterback" to help their team win.

Buffalo Bills

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    The Bills quarterback situation is not a very beautiful mess. The Bills could use a quarterback like Kevin Kolb to bring glory back to a great football city.

    Don't be surprised to hear the Bills name come up when the Kolb trade talks heat up.

    The Bills could trade a future draft pick and one of their quarterbacks to back up Michael Vick in Philadelphia.

Kansas City Chiefs

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    Yes, I know, the Chiefs are 2-0 but that doesn't mean their quarterback play is acceptable. Matt Cassell has a quarterback rating of 55.8 which is good for 30th in the league.

    Keven Kolb could very well be better than Cassell and he could help the Chiefs become a contender in the league.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    I'm not sold on David Garrard and I'm not sure if many fans in Jacksonville are either. He has thrown five touchdowns and four interceptions in two games.

    He made the pro bowl last season, but that was after all the top tier quarterbacks backed out.

    Kolb would be a great fit in Jacksonville and if he is a "Championship Caliber Quarterback" it would be great to see the Jags back in the playoffs.

Cleveland Browns

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    I realize the Browns just got Jake Delhomme and Colt McCoy, but that doesn't mean they couldn't use a better quarterback.

    If Kolb is as good as Andy Reid says, then he is better than any QB on the Browns roster right now.

    In the NFL you have to do whatever it takes to get better, and this move could help the Browns.

San Francisco

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    My confidence in Alex Smith's ability to be a "Championship Caliber quarterback" is as high as my confidence that Lindsay Lohan won't land in jail again.

    Kolb could help the Niners get back to their glory days again. The Niners have all the weapons in place, they just need someone to win games for them.

    Kolb could make the Niners a beast in the NFC.

Arizona Cardinals

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    The Eagles had an ideal quarterback situation. Two quarterbacks who were very capable of leading their team to the playoffs, so they can afford to get rid of one of them and still make the playoffs.

    The Cardinals had a similiar situation, but not really. They had two quarterbacks who in all reality aren't that great and the only way the Cardinals go to the playoffs with either of them is if they bought playoff game tickets for the whole team.

    They got rid of Matt Leinhart and now Derek Anderson is starting and he's got the Cardinals fans singing, "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" trying to get Kurt Warner to come back.

    Kolb in the Cardinals offense would be very dangerous and could help the the Cardinals back in the superbowl.

Seattle Seahawks

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    Matt Hasselbeck's career in Seattle may be over sooner than David Hasselhoff's singing career in America.

    Unless the name, Charlie Whitehurst, makes everyone in Seattle think playoffs then it's time to pull the trigger on this move.

    Kolb would fit in nicely with Seattle and their new weapons.

Tony Romo

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    It's time for the Cowboys to face the music. Tony Romo is NOT a "Championship Caliber Quarterback." You can put a Cadillac symbol on your Geo Metro, but it doesn't mean it's built like a caddy.

    Romo has put up great numbers in Dallas, but with that offensive line and all those weapons who wouldn't? Perhaps the biggest number that shows he isn't the quarterback the Cowboys need to win the Super Bowl is 1.

    That is the number of playoffs game he has won which is also equal to the number of fumbled field goal snaps he has and the same number of vacations he has taken during a playoff bye week.

    On the bright side, he has dated some hot chicks and he is good at golf. I guess that doesn't do much for the Cowboys superbowl chances.

    The Eagles have traded a quarterback within the division already, maybe they could do the Cowboys a favor and trade Kolb to Dallas.

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