Michael Vick Named Eagles Starting QB, Purely a Football Decision?

Ray BoydContributor ISeptember 22, 2010

Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid has begun the Vick Era.
Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid has begun the Vick Era.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Andy Reid announced his decision yesterday to end the Kevin Kolb era, at least for the foreseeable future. He is handing the reins to Michael Vick just months after handing them over to Kolb. What would drive Reid to do such a thing so soon? Winning.

Often time in sports when a coach says that they are making a decision like this solely based on football, I tend not to believe them simply because if it was solely based on football there would be no need to announce that. However in this case, I believe Reid.

This is clearly a football decision in a number of ways. First off, this offensive line is getting moved around like a plastic bag in a hurricane. Michael Vick was sacked 6 times last week and if they cannot block for him, there is no way they can block for Kolb.

Kolb looked like he was playing on hot coals against Green Bay and who can blame him, he had no time at all to get his feet set. Reid is just tailoring his quarterback to his offensive line and perhaps that is not a bad idea.

Secondly, look back over the Andy Reid era here in Philadelphia and the times before it. When the Eagles were playing horrible football in the 90's, they had Quarterbacks with no ability to make plays outside the pocket. With Mcnabb, Reid possessed a Quarterback who could do so and thus he based his entire offensive philosophy around the skill.




Enter Kolb. To no fault of his own, he cannot make plays outside the pocket. All of a sudden, Reid does not have that weapon at his disposal and it has become painstakingly clear that the only way to have an immobile quarterback is to have an incredible offensive line, something the Birds do not have.

In Vick, Reid has young Donovan. Perhaps that type of Quarterback is necessary in Reid's offense.

The last factor in this decision, other than the fact that the offense has played so much better with Vick, has to be the climate of the NFL. If you have not heard, there may not be a season next year due to players union negotiations and thus what are you waiting for? The time to win is now.

Reid has to be looking at the current state of the premiere teams in the league and be realizing that a few of them are off to rocky starts. Preseason NFC favorites like Minnesota, and Dallas are off to 0-2 starts respectively. In the AFC, the Jets, Patriots, Colts, and Ravens are all 1-1.

If you want to try to steal a championship before the possible lockout, it might be there for the taking. Granted, 2 weeks may be a little soon to say that all of those teams will struggle but who knows. If Philly wants to try to get a ring this season, they have to use Vick because Kolb is not ready for that.