Hurting for Heroes: Fantasy Football Replacements for Reggie Bush and More

TheFantasyFix.comAnalyst ISeptember 22, 2010

Down Goes Reggie Bush
Down Goes Reggie BushJed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Running backs are jinxed this season.  Last week it was Ryan Grant.  This week it was Reggie Bush, and to a lesser extent, Michael Turner and Ryan Mathews. 

Bush’s injury is a significant one and owners are scrambling for a replacement that can match the triple-threat charm Mr. Un-Heisman offers.  But hey, at least you know you need a replacement at the beginning of the week instead of constantly watching Michael Turner or Ryan Mathews' injury status.

In that sense, losing a player for a definite amount of time is easier on your blood pressure.  Keeping a player with a nagging injury will induce a tenuous angst that lasts the entire season.  

This week’s Hurting for Heroes lists feature three running backs and a quarterback:

Reggie Bush, RB, New Orleans Saints

If Bush was your No. 1 running back, then you were in trouble in to begin with.  Assuming that most of you had Bush as a No. 2 or a flex is a safe bet. 

If you want a versatile back to take his place, take Darren Sproles if he’s available.  The Lightning Bug can score on the ground, through the air, or on kick returns.  Plus, he put in an honest four years at Kansas State. 

If Sproles is gone (he was drafted in many leagues) you could reach for Buffalo Bills jack-of-all-trades Fred Jackson.  Jackson had a terrible week against a good defense, but he could bounce back for 80 all-purpose yards.

Another option for Bush owners is Willis McGahee.  McGahee’s goal-line prowess makes him a threat to score a touchdown every week.  Throw in 30 or 40 yards and McGahee’s numbers are very comparable to an average Reggie Bush week.

Also keep an eye out for Marshawn Lynch...


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