2010 NFL Review: Braylon Edwards and Four Other Early Season Busts

Andrew TolanCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2010

2010 NFL Review: Braylon Edwards and 4 Other Early Season Busts

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    This NFL season has already seen a series of busts. 

    From players getting cut to star players not producing to star players drinking and driving, early season turmoil and poor individual performances have struck numerous teams already this season.

    Braylon Edwards' arrest was another in a line of issues that may change the fortune of NFL teams during the 2010 season.

    Here's a look at Edwards and four other players that have been early season busts.

Braylon Edwards

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    No list of early season busts can exclude the galvanizing Edwards.

    Edwards, who plead no contest to misdemeanor aggravated disorderly conduct in 2009 when he was with Cleveland, has had his share of issues catching the ball during his NFL career. 

    Now it seems his issues have strayed from the football field to the court room.

    Edwards was arrested at 5 a.m. this morning after being pulled over by cops and having a breath test show his blood alcohol level to be at twice the legal limit.

    Edwards, who has a paltry 54 receiving yards so far this season, was expected to be a vertical threat that would help Mark Sanchez evolve into a better quarterback during his sophomore campaign.

    The Jets only signed Edwards to a one-year contract and, after this incident, isn't likely to re-sign him.

    Edwards has certainly been an early season bust.

Brett Favre

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    At this point, it isn't worth reiterating Brett Favre's long and unnecessary offseason decision that ultimately resulted in the same move it has each one of the last three offseasons.

    It's worth mentioning Favre has a 1:4 TD/INT ratio thus far this season and that the Vikings are sitting at 0-2.

    It seems like Favre isn't comfortable with the receivers at his disposal. Favre simply looks distraught without the talents of Sidney Rice.

    Maybe attending training camp would have helped Favre develop chemistry with the team's other receivers.

    With the Packers and Bears starting 2-0, the Vikings are looking at an uphill climb the rest of the season.

    Favre's poor play certainly has played a role in the Vikings poor start.


Roy Williams

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    Williams had a chance at the end of Week 1 to be the savior.

    He had a chance to silence all his critics and stand as the unheralded hero of the game.

    When Williams cradled a pass from Romo for a 13-yard touchdown pass in the end zone against the Redskins to tie the game at 13-13, giving the Cowboys a certainly automatic extra point attempt to win the game, Williams had to feel an extreme sense of jubilation.

    Unfortunately, Alex Barron's holding penalty nullified the play and the Cowboys lost the game.

    So Williams, instead of being a hero, was again the player who signed a 6-year, $54 million dollar contract and has only 74 receiving yards through two weeks of the season, along with zero touchdown passes.

    Williams, again, is a gigantic bust.

Kevin Kolb

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    Kevin Kolb's bust status may not entirely be his fault.

    When an organization trades a potential Hall of Fame quarterback to make you the franchise quarterback and you only retain the position for half a game, the title is unfortunately bestowed to you regardless of circumstance.

    Kolb threw ten passes this season before a concussion saw him leave the field against the Green Bay Packers.

    Michael Vick comes in, plays well, leads the Eagles to a victory in Week 2 and Kolb returns to his all-too-familiar position on the sidelines.

    Seems pretty crazy to go from being a franchise quarterback to a backup within ten passes.

    Welcome to the world of Kevin Kolb.

Mike Singletary

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    Mike Singletary is a Hall of Fame player whose fiery attitude gained the adoration of fans around the NFL early on during his coaching career.

    The San Francisco 49ers, almost unanimously selected as the winners of the NFC West before the season, now sit at 0-2.

    Singletary has already accused the organization of housing rats and with an 0-2 start, Singletary's coaching seat may be getting a little warmer.

    Singletary made a move last season that granted Alex Smith another opportunity to take over the reins as the starting quarterback for the 49ers.

    Since then, the 49ers have gone 5-8 and the greatest glimmer of hope for Smith's future came in a loss where he threw more interceptions than touchdowns.

    Sounds promising.

    Vernon Davis had a heated argument with Michael Crabtree toward the end of the offseason, Smith is failing to impress for another season and the 49ers have yet to win a game.

    Singletary needs to get the 49ers on track before the season slips away.

    The brightest moment of your season shouldn't be almost winning a game.