2010 Season Predictions (Updated): The Saints Lose by One to The Titans.

Mark Anthony DiBelloContributor ISeptember 21, 2010

Through my company, DPC, I have reviewed which teams tend to be more blessed than others.
Through my company, DPC, I have reviewed which teams tend to be more blessed than others.

OK.  I have watched and analyzed, more closely, many of the teams and here are my final, at this juncture in the season, projections….

NFC East: As predicted, Dallas will be last in the East.  Washington is much improved and the Giants and Eagles are both overrated.  I project the Redskins go on and win the division, with they being the only team to make the playoffs from this division.

NFC North: Green Bay should win this one and as projected, Chicago is much improved and they and even Minnesota, should be in the Playoffs in the end, and will perform well, there, too spite they all have to play each other within this toughest of NFC divisions.

NFC South: The Saints are the best team here, and while I am usually against repeating, considering standard sports theory, I think the Saints will repeat as NFC Champs.  Atlanta will also make the playoffs this year.

NFC West:  Again, this division is a toss-up till the final game of the regular season.  And only because the general public likes the 49’ers, I have to give the edge to Arizona.  But it’s close.

AFC East: As projected the Dolphins are improved and the Jets too hyped.  And the Patriots, right where I first projected; so again, the Pats should win, with the Jets nipping the Dolphins for second.

AFC North: Cincinnati will falter and Baltimore win this Division, just beating out Pittsburgh.  Cleveland will finish 4th.

AFC South:  The strongest AFC division, I think will have an upset winner, and at first thought it would be Tennessee, but in fact, Houston may well be the ones to do it.  Nonetheless, all three of these teams can be playoff bound with Jacksonville fourth.

AFC West:  San Diego should win it, but Denver may not be as strong as I first thought.  Thus I think only San Diego makes it to the playoffs.

Overall, it is numerically, almost impossible, for the 2 wildcards to emerge from the same divisions, and like many seasons past, the teams on the “bubble” and second or third in the strongest divisions may miss the playoffs.  Thus, here is how I see the playoff scenario:











Division Winners

New England



San Diego



Houston or Pittsburgh

Conference Championship

Tennessee  v. Baltimore



Division Winners


Green Bay

New Orleans




Atlanta or Minnesota

 Conference Championship

Green Bay vs. New Orleans

Super Bowl

Tennessee vs. New Orleans


Tennessee – Tennessee will be a slight favorite and Tennessee will get divine retribution for the Super Bowl versus St. Louis whereby they literally lost by one-yard; but New Orleans (even with minus turnovers) will cover the point spread.

Tennessee 20 - New Orleans 19