Making Moves: Five Reasons The Philadelphia Eagles Should Stick With Mike Vick

Jason Clary@IamJClaryCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2010

Making Moves: Five Reasons The Philadelphia Eagles Should Stick With Mike Vick

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    After what looked like a ruined career, Michael Vick surprised everybody with his humbled attitude and willingness to be a team player.

    Vick was finally awarded the opportunity to start after several years, and he made the most of this opportunity.

    Vick was decisive, driven, quick, and any other positive adjective you could think of. Coach Andy Reid has made it known that Kevin Kolb will start this week at Jacksonville.

    Given his slight breath at starting again, Michael Vick had to have exploded with furiousness, right? Wrong. Vick said that he was OK with Kolb starting, and that Kolb was the leader of this team.

    I don't care what Vick did in his past. He has truly become a role model citizen and a great locker room player.

    Vick, however, should be the starting quarterback this Sunday, after he showed athletic flashes from early in his career, while intelligently playing to pass first, and run if needed.

1. Michael Vick Is Motivated

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    When you take everything away from a guy, it begins to teach him a life long lesson. Vick had the world by the throat, and acted like it.

    He surrounded himself with the wrong people, and got into the wrong things. Vick did his time, so it is time for naysayers and PETA to move on.

    Not only did Vick respond the right way when he returned to second on the depth chart, he set his sights on being a starter in the future.

    Vick said "Hopefully, somebody will give me that opportunity [next year] and if they give me that opportunity, they'll get 110 percent."

    This is a great story for the NFL.

2. The Eagle's Offense Responds Better With a Veteran at The Helm

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    In Kevin Kolb's first start, he was indecisive and not very accurate. The Eagles were out of the game early, just for Michael Vick to replace an injured Kolb and nearly lead a comeback.

    Kolb has all of the tools to be a successful quarterback in the NFL, however, Vick has been there before, and he knows how to control the huddle and turn any game around.

    Vick is simply electrifying when he is on the field. The crowd feeds off of that energy, as do the other 10 players on offense.

    Given the current situation, it may be better for the Eagles to put Kolb right back in there, but it just seems right going with Vick.

    If Kolb struggles, Andy Reid shouldn't hesitate to give the offense more doses of Vick.

3. Vick's Dual Threat Ability Is a Headache For Opposing Defenses

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    It is rare in the NFL to be a dual threat quarterback. Usually, when fast quarterbacks come out of college, they undergo a position change because their arm isn't suited for a pro-style offense.

    Michael Vick was one of those exceptions. He was a run-first quarterback, but still had the rocket arm to be able to make any pass on the field.

    Not only has Vick shown he still has speed, he has turned into a pass-first quarterback. Instead of looking for space to run, Vick uses his legs to open up the passing game, and run if necessary.

    Vick has turned his once dangerous decision making into a precise weapon.That's not to say that Vick won't run, because he has shown that he will. It does show, however, that he has a new awareness about him that allows him to evade defenders while still looking up field.

    With the time opponents will spend game planning for Vick, the Eagles can install new wrinkles that utilize the abilities of LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson, while still relying on the new-found reliability of Vick.

    The offense is better with Michael Vick.

4. Kevin Kolb Hasn't Shown The

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    The only reason Kevin Kolb hasn't shown the "it" factor is because he hasn't played yet. That doesn't mean that he will show it, it just means that he has yet to unleash his best abilities.

    Kolb can't showcase this on the bench, however, in the NFL, the culture stresses for a "win now" mentality.

    The Eagles are much better suited to win with Michael Vick than with a young quarterback who has yet to show he is better than his predecessor, who happens to be Donovan McNabb. I recall McNabb being quite successful as an Eagle, while still being run out of town.

    The fans can't hold on to a player like Kolb yet, but they can with Vick. Michael has already given them a taste of what he can do, and they want more.

    Putting Vick as a starter would only be a temporary move, but it would help the Eagles win now.

5. Vick Has Been Humbled By His Past, and Deserves This Chance

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    The future is now for Michael Vick. He has given everyone a sneak peek at what he can do. While the Eagles likely won't put Vick in the starting lineup for the rest of the season, Kolb is several bad games or one injury away from giving up his starting spot to Vick.

    Vick has been patient and cooperative in his journey back to the NFL. He has done everything that was asked of him, while staying out of trouble.

    It is obvious that Vick has changed his previous ways, and he deserves a chance to start either in Philadelphia or elsewhere.

    "No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals." - Brian Tracy