New York Jets Week 2 Offensive Report: Mark Sanchez, LaDainian Tomlinson Shine

Joe CipollaContributor ISeptember 21, 2010

New York Jets Week 2 Offensive Report: Mark Sanchez, LaDainian Tomlinson Shine

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    The Jets' lackluster offensive performance in week one against the Ravens had the fans groaning "same old Jets", and the sports media writing them off as hyped-up pretenders.  The same people who quickly anointed the Jets as Super Bowl favorites, were now forecasting a grim scenario of a losing season.

    Meanwhile, back in New England, praise and accolades were showered upon Tom Brady and the Patriots when they easily dismantled the Cincinnati Bengals.  Critics who surmised the end of years of Patriots dominance in the AFC East, swiftly changed their tune and once again bestowed them "the team to beat."

    What a difference a week makes!

    The Jets' offense woke up and showed the NFL what it's capable of by scoring 28 points (21 of them unanswered) and toppling the mighty Patriots.

    Let's take a closer look at how they achieved victory...

First Quarter Jitters

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    In the first quarter, the Jets' offense showed no signs of improvement from its week one ineptitude. 

    Mark Sanchez's first down pass attempt sailed high over Dustin Keller's head and into the arms of Patriots' strong safety, Patrick Chung.  Instant replay would show that the ball hit the ground before Chung had possession and the Jets breathed a sigh of relief.

    Unfortunately, the rest of the series culminated with a three-and-out.  That would be the only offensive series the Jets would play in the first quarter as the Patriots dominated the entire quarter.

    At this point, many Jet fans were thinking... "here we go again."

Wake Up Call!

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    After the uninspiring first quarter series, the Jets' offense woke up and turned on the heat!  They began playing with confidence and poise, executing plays with accuracy and force.

    From the second quarter on, the Jets' offense was on a mission to make a statement to all of their doubters and show them that the Jets are indeed the real deal.

Mark Sanchez

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    Mark Sanchez had the best game of his career going 21/30 for 220 yards, 3 TDs and 0 INTs.  This was the first time he threw 3 TDs in a game.  This completely eclipsed the 10/21 for 74 yards meager performance from week one.

    Sanchez also showed great poise.  He was constantly hurried and absorbed 3 sacks, but kept his composure the whole time.  He made smart decisions and didn't seemed rattled in the pocket consistently looking for the check-down receivers as he did the previous week.

LaDainian Tomlinson

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    LT is defying his age and making a case to be the primary RB in the Jets offensive arsenal. 

    LT was simply all over the field racking up 102 all-purpose yards (76 yards on 11 carries, 26 yards on 2 receptions). 

    He topped off a great game with one of his Walter Payton-esque leaps over a pile to convert a 4th and 1 and seal the victory for the Jets.

Dustin Keller

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    Keller had himself a career day as he was Sanchez's favorite target. He finished the day with 115 yards on 7 catches with a TD.

    Keller is becoming Sanchez's go to man and solidifying himself as an elite TE in the league.  His 39 yard reception on a Sanchez bootleg was a thing of beauty.  

    After being dogged for stepping out of bounds a yard short of a first down during the final drive last week, Keller redeemed himself by catching some big first downs against the Patriots.

Broadway Braylon

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    Before the game, Joe Namath called out Braylon Edwards criticizing his inconsistency.  I guess he was listening because he was Mr. Reliable on Sunday.

    He hauled in a 10 yard TD strike to tie the game and a crucial 2-point conversion.

    He did have one seriously mental faux pas... after his TD catch he decided to do a little dance and taunt Patriots DB, Darius Butler.  It resulted in a 15-yard taunting penalty. 

Offensive Line

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    The offensive line, while still showing superior run blocking, still seemed to struggle at time in pass blocking situations.  Mark Sanchez was repeatedly hurried and sacked three times.

    Matt Slauson, who was abused by the Ravens, showed improvement but still struggles in the pass blocking.

    A shoulder injury to Nick Mangold had Jets fans collectively holding their breath as he walked off the field into the training room.  Thankfully, he returned to the game later in the quarter.  It remains to be seen the extent of the injury.

    Credit should be given to backup center Rob Turner, who capably filled in for Mangold on a scoring drive.

Brian Schottenheimer

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    Much criticism landed on Brian Schottenheimer's ultra-conservative game plan against the Ravens.  To many predictable runs, no shots down the field, short passing routes, etc.

    Shotty turned it around this week calling as close to a perfect game as possible.  He mixed it up running many formations and spreading the ball around.  He didn't rely to heavily on the run and let Sanchez air it out a few time.

    This is a game plan he should continue with until it proves unsuccessful.

Shonn Greene

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    Shonn Greene managed to go a whole game with out a fumble.  He showed signs of the bruising runner we saw in the '09 playoffs, staying north and south and running through defenders.

    His carries were definitely limited in comparison to LT, but if he keeps up this level of play, the Jets will have themselves two-headed monster in Greene and LT.

Don't Be A Hater, Tom

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    The Jet fan in me couldn't resist!

    Don't be a hater, Tom.  You spewed about how much you hated the Jets and look what happened. 

    I'm sorry, but I can't take anything you do seriously until you lose the Beiber hair.