The Vegas Report: Week 2

Neil PatelContributor ISeptember 20, 2010

Disclaimer: This article is meant for entertainment purposes only.

Here we are. Officially 2 and 3  weeks deep into the NFL and NCAAF regular season, respectively, and certain betting trends are starting to light up the Vegas scoreboards.


You would be up 3 units ( 9-6 ) if you wagered on every underdog on Sunday.  The dawgs have been barking - early and often.  Typically we see this trend percolate closer to Week 7 - the uber-critical inflection point of the NFL regular season.  The inflection point (IP) is derived from a complex mathematical formula which takes into account two important variables - Public Money and Sharp Money. Yeah. That sounds legitimate.

Someone please tell me how the Cowboys were 2 TD faves against Da Bears? Seriously? Are those who back America's team that stupid? They aren't cockroaches. They're just broke and delusional after an inexcusable 60% amount of people threw down action on the Cowboys. Bears won outright. Wow.  Tony Romo is celebrating. 0-2 style.



A true statement 99.9% of the time. When is it not true? When 70% of the public is riding one particular side - usually a favourite (wait, did I just spell that the Canadian way????.shoooooooooooooot). It's like playing the Don't Pass Line when some chump is trying to shoot dice. Easy money. Wait, is that an oxymoron? I don't think so. Be the 30% that wins, not the 70% that loses. Clear? Crystal? Good.

You would have won 2 units (4-2) if you backed all the teams that had less than or equal to 30% of the public action.  Dolphins, Lions, Yuckaneers and J-E-T-S were all dawgs. Coincidence? I think not.  The Packers and Falcons were the sole public darlings in week 2.



Not with your heart.  Just cheer for your squad. Don't whore yourself to the Benny Franklins.  Assume the Iggles lines was -3, and my local talent juiced the line by half a point - which they usually do around here (FYI - I will discuss this concept in a future article) - and I ended up getting the Birds at - 3.5?  With the final score PHL 35, DET 32? I would have streaked though the Piazza shredding my green Crack Head Liberty Bell FOAM Capn' Crunch hat into pieces. I'd be undone. No question.

If you did back the birds, you are still probably pissed off about the back door cover. I am.

Do you like my hat? Do you like me? (BTW - support the local economy and buy the Crack Head at the Piazza from a guy who thinks he's Don Draper.  Cool guy.)

That's it for now ladies and gents.  Until next week - see you on the other side.