I Bet You Didnt Know......rules Protect Players?!?

Jarrod CooperCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2010

The NFL has an elaborate way to keep players in check when it comes to the rules of the NFL, it's an over the top system of fining players.  Every player in the course of his career will be fined either by his team or by the NFL.  You guys know how I played the game of football, aggressively, and that aggression has earned me just under 1 million dollars in fines in my 8 year career.  Although I am probably not the best person to ask when it comes to this subject due to my angry disposition towards the system, I can give all the fans a little insight on the subject. Over the years I have seen teammates rack up just as much if not more money in fines than I did. The NFL reviews each play every week, and it's up to the NFL to decide if you get fined.  The worst part of our fining system is there are too many ways to get fined, and the terminology is too loose.  Like  unsportsmanlike, what the hell is that? Anyone at anytime can say you are being unsportsmanlike, this is more of a opinion than a rule.   For today's insider information I am going to give all the NFL fans the top ten dumbest ways a player can get fined in the NFL.  Some of these might sound unbelievable, but every bit of this information I am going to  give you is 100% true.

10. Any player that is wearing a black visor without a doctors note gets a $5,000 fine. If you continue to violate this rule the fine will double each time.

9. Any player wearing an under shirt that isn't black, white, or gray, can be fined $5,000... and if it is showing from underneath your shoulder pad you are subject to a fine.

8. If a players game pants do not cover his knees, a player can be fined $5,000.

7. If there is any writing on a players uniform, he can be fined $5,000.

 6. If a team chooses to use black or white tape everyone on the team has to be in unison.  A player that wears tape that doesn't match the teams choice can be fined $5,000.

 5. Players that have an injury that results in blood loss and blood gets on his uniform, he can not return to the game unless he has properly cleaned it off.  If he returns to play without properly doing so he can be fined $5,000.

4. If a players shirt comes untucked during a play he has until the next play to tuck it back in, if he doesn't he can be fined $5,000

3. A player that takes off his helmet on the football field and a timeout is not called, he will be fined $5,000.

2. If a player throws or gives a ball to someone in the stands he will be fined $5,000.  So every time you see a player give the ball to someone in the stands he is fined.

 1. Players that are overly physical when playing the game of football can be fined $5,000 and up. I have seen this fine as high as $175,000.

  I know rules are put in place for a reason and I believe that players should be held in check, but the rules of the NFL have gotten worse and continue to slide in the wrong direction.  Today's rules are put in place to protect players, but people seem to forget why the game of football is so popular, it is the most physical sport, and injuries are part of the game.  I have talked to several friends that have played in the NFL and are playing right now, and every single guy has told me the same exact thing, when it comes to the new rules, " The NFL is taking the fun out of the game" hence the term No Fun League.  Players have so many rules these days half of the guys I talked to didn't know all of the rules I asked them about.  They laughed and thought I was making rules up to get a response out of them, I had to scan the rules into my email and send it to them to get them to believe me.  The game of football has changed the way the world turns, and it always works to benefit everyone involved.  If it isn't broke don't fix it.

Jarrod Cooper

8 year Veteran

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