Vince Young: 10 Reasons He’ll Never Start Another NFL Game

Denton Ramsey@DentonRamseySenior Analyst ISeptember 19, 2010

Vince Young: Ten Reasons He’ll Never Start Another NFL Game

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    Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young was noticeably off-target in Sunday’s matinee matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    And Titans head coach Jeff Fisher took notice, benching Young in the fourth quarter and handing the reins to Kerry Collins.

    Unfortunately for Tennessee fans, Collins didn’t fare much better than Young, throwing the team’s third interception of the game on the ensuing drive.

    But Young—despite completing 70 percent of his passes in the game—tossed two interceptions and fumbled the pigskin en route to his early exit from the contest.

    Regardless of Young’s poor outing, Fisher has made public statements claiming that the former Texas Longhorns play-caller will be the starting quarterback in Week 3.

    However, here are 10 reasons why Young may never see starting action on the NFL gridiron for the rest of this season and beyond.

No. 10: There Are Only So Many Chances a Professional Athlete Can Get

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    This statement can be interpreted many ways, from Vince Young’s off-field issues to poor performances on the gridiron, but the fact remains that professional athletes only get a limited number of “second chances.”

    And Young has already had a handful of those chances during his four-plus years with the NFL’s Tennessee Titans.

    From Young’s controversial 2008 depression issue to his latest difficult outing in Week 2 of the 2010 NFL season, it’s only a matter of time before Tennessee’s QB is shown the exit once and for all.

No. 9: For the Most Part, Rushing Numbers Have Continually Declined

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    Looking solely at statistics, it’s really hard to argue why Young cannot hang as an NFL quarterback. But one glaring statline does stick out: a decrease in rushing production over his past five seasons.

    Sure, some of that can be attributed to age along with wear and tear on a person’s body playing professional football.

    However, in the same breath, Young went from 552 rush yards in 2006 to a grand total of 281 yards on the ground in 2009.

    Sorry to say it, but maybe all those pessimistic comments about Young being able to make it in the NFL as a quarterback were right all along.

    Of course, he’s still got (supposedly) at least one more start coming up next week for Tennessee, but how long will he last?

No. 8: Young Has More Fumbles in 2010 Than Through 12 Games in 2009

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    Through just two games this season, Young has already garnered more fumbles (two) than he had through 12 games in 2009 (one).

    In fact, the last time Young began a season with two interceptions and two fumbles was his injury-plagued 2008 campaign that lasted just three games.

    Will Young’s fumbles cost him a job in 2010?

    Only time will tell, but the numbers definitely aren’t on Young’s side heading into Week 3 of the season.

No. 7: Tennessee QB’s Trio of Turnovers Against Pittsburgh Proved Costly

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    Sunday’s Week 2 performance for Young absolutely hurt both his QB rating and his chances of longevity in the NFL.

    Three quarters into the game—and three turnovers later—Young was benched by Tennessee head coach Jeff Fisher.

    Feelings and other issues aside, Fisher likely made the smart move, as all he was really trying to do was win the game.

    And regardless of what’s to come in Week 3 for Tennessee, Young’s trio of turnovers against Pittsburgh have already proven extremely costly.

No. 6: Personal Feelings, Poor Attitude Issues Must Be Placed on Back Burner

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    Speaking of feelings, the whole issue regarding Young’s mental well-being is something the Titans QB must learn to control if he expects to continue his career in the NFL.

    Because the only place personal feelings and a poor attitude will lead Young is to an early exit from the team.

    So if Young really aims to begin bouncing back, starting in Week 3, he must begin putting the aforementioned problems on the back burner.

No. 5: Days in Tennessee May Be Numbered; Will Any Team Pick Up Young?

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    If Young’s downward spiral continues in 2010 with the Tennessee Titans, don’t be surprised to see the former Texas Longhorns legend looking for a new home sometime this season.

    The main question: If Tennessee does indeed end up breaking ties with Young, would any NFL team be willing to take a risk and pick him up for the remainder of the season?

    Because if the answer to that question is “No,” Young’s final days on an NFL gridiron may be coming a whole lot sooner than many of us expected.

No. 4: Five Years Into NFL Career, Young Not Living Up to Pro Football Hype

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    With Young now two games into his fifth year as an NFL quarterback, many experts and analysts believed the Titans QB would have much more impressive numbers this deep into his career.

    However, Young has not exactly lived up to his professional football hype.

    And if his overall numbers continue to decline, it won’t be long before Young’s personal feelings once again bubble up and begin to boil over.

No. 3: Young’s History of Fights, Arrests Could Lead to Early Exit From NFL

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    Another red flag surrounding Young’s four-plus years in the NFL is his unfortunate history involving bar brawls and brief arrests.

    Brief as those stints behind jail bars may have been, it’s still something that absolutely hurts Young’s chances of longevity as a professional football play-caller.

    Because if a player’s plate begins stacking up with poor overall performance on the football field along with negative off-field antics, it normally leads to a simple solution: being released from the team.

    Is that future in store for Tennessee’s Young?

    Sad as it may be, it’s an absolute possibility.

No. 2: Titans Finished 13-3 (2008) When Young Was Injured

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    In 2008, the season Vince Young went down early with an injury and spent the remainder of the year as the team’s backup quarterback, the Titans finished 13-3.

    Those numbers don’t tell the whole story, no doubt about it, but it does prove one thing for sure: Tennessee can succeed without Young.

    Will the 2010 NFL season be a dreadful repeat of 2008, or will Young bounce back with a vengeance in Week 3?

No. 1: Owner Bud Adams Is Likely Only Reason Young Is Still With Tennessee

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    This statement, regardless of one’s views of Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams, is 100 percent accurate and true.

    Sure, there are a lot of things that go on behind closed doors that are never released to the public, but the story surrounding Adams and his backing of the Tennessee QB is absolutely one of the only reasons Young remains in a Titans uniform.

    But a few more poor games could spell disaster for Young, as even Adams may sooner or later decide to pass on the former Texas QB and look toward the future of Tennessee football.


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