Five NFL Players That Will Break Out in Week Two

Mal SullyContributor IISeptember 18, 2010

Five NFL Players That Will Break Out in Week Two

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    Every week there are player's sure to break out and have a unexpected impact on their selective teams.

    Like last week, it was Texans RB Arian Foster and so on.


    This week it will be these five players...


    Note: The breakout players do not have to be rookies or 1st year starters, they can be people will pro bowl experience but have not been great lately.

1. Michael Vick

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    I know, I know he kinda broke out last week but that's not the same.

    He has a chance right no to open up a brand new, glorious future. Face it, Kolb is not ready. Maybe he will be in a few more years but it is Vick's time now.

    I think that Jesus (no offense to other religious people) is giving Vick one more chance.

    Week 2 Statistics: 210 yards passing, two TD's, 100 yards rushing, TD/ 41-24 win over Detroit

2. Clinton Portis

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    Last week, he was AWFUL. But that was in the first half where he averaged 2.2 yards a carry.

    But in the second half, he averaged 5.1 yards a carry and added on a 18 yard run late in the fourth.

    He will breakout this week.

    Week 2 Statistics: 105 yards, TD, 4.3 yards average, two receptions, seven yards, 17- 14 win over Texans

3. Arrelious Benn

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    Arrelious Benn didn't have a good NFL debut with fellow rookie, Mike Williams catching all of the spot light.

    That will change this week.

    He will prove to this organization he is their man for the next 5-6 years.

    Week 2 Statistics: Six receptions, 121 yards, TD, 22-21 win over Carolina

4. "Fat Albert" Haynesworth

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    Yep. Fat Albert will have a good game against the Texans.

    Week 2 Statistics; Five tackles, 1.5 sacks

5. LaDanian Tomlinson

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    LT will probably be a future Hall of Famer but has not done anything to deserve it lately.

    Being dumped by the Chargers was a surprise to me even though not to many others.

    But the good thing is he has had success as a Jet so far in the preseason. Also, with young Sanchez as the qb they are going to run the ball like no other.

    Week 2 Statistics: 180 yards rushing, two TD's, three receptions, 23 yards in a 38-24 loss to New England.