Joe Torre Steps Down From Los Angeles Dodgers: Five Jobs He Could Take on Next

James Bondman@@james_bondmanCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2010

Joe Torre Steps Down From Los Angeles Dodgers: Five Jobs He Could Take on Next

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    Joe Torre shockingly announced he will retire from the Los Angeles Dodgers, and hands  the reins to successor Don Mattingly today  with two weeks left in the regular season.

    It's a move that caught everyone by surprise considering that the Dodgers may want to interview others such as Tim Wallach, but nevertheless Mattingly is the incoming manager while Torre is nothing but a lame duck on the West Coast.

    This offseason is promising to be quite the boiling one when it comes to managers and vacant team openings. As for Joe Torre, where will he end up going next season?

    You can bet he'll end up with a big market team with a playoff bound roster that is destined for the World Series. Remember he is retiring from the Dodgers, not baseball, so whether he is or isn't we look at Torre's possible destinations this offseason. 

New York Mets

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    Return to New York for Joe Torre? This is a destination that could suit Torre if the Mets can add the right pieces. Joe Torre is going to want a playoff ready roster he can take to the World Series and the Mets are right now the fourth best team in the NL East.

    They've got serious work to do in retooling their roster for a new manager such as Torre and for competition against the powerhouse Braves and Phillies. 

    The bottomline is there is no way Torre ends up here if the Mets do little to nothing this offseason on the free agent or trade market. Their rotation is a bit shaky in the fourth and fifth slots beyond Johan Santana, Jon Niese, and R.A. Dickey.

    The Mets also needs a middle infielder, and need to decide whether Beltran is in their plans or take him off their hands. 

Atlanta Braves

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    Joe Torre replaced Bobby Cox once and he might do it again. Remember Joe Torre was the manager of the Atlanta Braves from 1982-1984 where he 257-229 leading the Braves to a 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place finish. 

    Torre would inherit a playoff ready roster with up and coming all-star outfielder Jason Heyward, second baseman Martin Prado, and catcher Brian McCann.

    He would have a solid veteran rotation led by Tim Hudson and Tommy Hanson. Joe Torre would have a better chance to land in Atlanta then New York because of how built the roster is.

    It shouldn't surprise anyone if history repeats itself and Torre ends up back in Atlanta taking over for Bobby Cox, nearly 30 years after the fact. 

Chicago Cubs

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    The Cubs would be an interesting landing spot for Joe Torre considering the Cubs are in a rebuilding mode.

    They've already unloaded Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot to the team.  The Cubs also face a decision with Carlos Zambrano who has re-found himself in time for the final stretch in the regular season, therefore, increasing the chances he is dealt. 

    One thing one has to consider is this, if Lou Pinella couldn't do it what makes anyone think Joe Torre could do it?Which is taking the Cubbies to the World Series.

    It'll be a longshot, but Joe Torre might consider it if nothing else opens up for him. He would love a big market like Chicago and Starlin Castro can be his Derek Jeter. 

    At the end of the day, the Cubs are a candidate for Joe Torre's services but aren't a strong one because of their current state. 

New York Yankees

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    If....If....Joe Girardi burns the New York Yankees for his fantasy of coaching the Chicago Cubs next season then maybe Joe Torre returns to the Yankees.

    Bridges may be burned and certainly the fact that Torre wrote the infamous book, The Yankee Years. Perhaps Torre returns for a sequel in the series, the Yankees are equipped for a World Series run every year and he knows it. The question that remains is are the Yankees willing to get him back if they lose Girardi?

    Certainly with no other real candidate on the market and Joe Torre readily available he seems to fit to return back to New York. It would be awkward, but this is a serious possibility if Girardi wants to fulfill his lifelong goal. 

Florida Marlins

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    The only reason this would be a destination is if the Marlins retain their key figures such as Dan Uggla and Ricky Nolasco, shore up a shaky bullpen, and get a capable catcher.

    Other than that, Joe Torre would inherit a potientially good roster with emerging stars Gaby Sanchez, Logan Morrison, and Mike Stanton. Let's not forget Hanley Ramirez and Dan Uggla in the middle infield. 

    The Marlins have something to offer that the other teams don't have and that's a new stadium coming in 2012. If Torre ends up in Miami it will attract more fans to the ballpark and thats how powerful he can be, but where he ends up remains in the air.