NFL Week Two Games: Ranking the Games, From Worst to First

Alek FrostCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2010

NFL Week Two Games: Ranking the Games, From Worst to First

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    Ray Lewis is a bad, bad man and if Dustin Keller didn't know that before, he knows that now.

    The Baltimore Ravens' stout defensive performance against the New York Jets was just one of many great stories in Week 1. 

    There were blowouts, nail-biters, offensive outbursts, dominant defenses, upsets, and fans upset after a controversial call (yeah, I'm a Lions fan).

    This week should provide more of the same, so get your remote and let's get started.

16. St. Louis Rams at Oakland Raiders (FOX)

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    What could be characterized as "The Battle of the Bottom," the Rams and Raiders' game is like the new Justin Bieber song, I know it's there, but I am not going to give it the time of day.

    Sam Bradford and Jason Campbell could very well be good, in Bradford's case, even great someday, but not in Week 2, not with these teams in their current states.

    Bradford looked decent in his debut against the Cardinals, well at first. That was before he threw three interceptions on 55 throwing attempts.

    Look for this contest to be settled on the ground with the likes of Stephen Jackson and Darren McFadden.

15. Kansas City Chiefs at Cleveland Browns (CBS)

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    Kansas City pulled a medium-sized upset on Monday Night Football in Week 1 against the San Diego Chargers 21-14 but that had less to do with the Chiefs and more to do with the weather and the Chargers' lack of offensive firepower.

    Much to the dismay of many Browns' fans, the Browns looked to have given up on the running game in the second half of last week's 17-14 loss to Tampa Bay.

    It looks as if that might change now that Jake Delhomme is likely out with an injury and Seneca Wallace will take the reins.

    Unless offensive strategy changes for both of these teams in Week 2, this game will be dominated by the run game as well.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers (FOX)

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    The Buccaneers didn't lose last week, but you didn't walk away overly impressed by the mere 17 points they put up against the Browns.

    The Bucs took the lead with a 33-yard touchdown pass to Michael Spurlock from Josh Freeman with less than seven minutes remaining.

    The Bucs' defense picked off two Browns' passing attempts.but failed to register a sack against Cleveland.

    The Panthers in many respects played better than the Bucs, picking off Eli Manning three times in their 31-18 loss to the New York Giants.

    Matt Moore, who is normally very safe with the ball, had Giants' pressure in his face all day long which resulted in his three interceptions in Week 1.

    Moore left the game late in the fourth quarter after he sustained a concussion, and he is expected to play this week.

    The Panthers are a much better football team than the Bucs and should prove it Sunday.

13. Buffalo Bills at Green Bay Packers (CBS)

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    A lot of hype surrounded this Green Bay Packers' team, more specifically quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Unfortunately for Rodgers, he had absolutely no pass protection and was hurried all day long.

    He completed 19 of 31 passing attempts for a pedestrian 188 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions.

    If the Packers' offensive line can find a way to protect the 26-year old signal caller, the Packers should cruise to an easy victory against the Bills.

    Buffalo didn't make any mistakes on offense but struggled to move the ball against the Miami Dolphins' defense.

    Trent Edwards threw for 139 yards and the Bills only ran the ball 17 times for a meager 50 yards. Against the Packers' high-flying offense, this game might be over by halftime.

12. Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons (Fox)

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    The Falcons lost a defensive struggle against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1, so what appeared to be a lackadaisical effort on offense could be explained away by simply blaming it on the match-up.

    Arizona however, does not have that luxury. The Cardinals played the St. Louis Rams in Week 1 and only produced 17 points against the worst team in the NFL in 2009.

    Arizona produced 378 yards but compared to Atlanta's 354 yards of total offense and considering the opponents in each game, you have to believe the Falcons can produce more touchdowns in Week 2.

    These aren't your older brother's Cardinals, so expect a physical, pound-the-rock type game with a few big passing plays from each team, in a close contest.

11. Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions (FOX)

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    The "process" sent Lions' fans everywhere into the process of screaming vulgar and creative obscenities at their televisions Sunday (myself included).

    The Lions lost their franchise quarterback and all hopes for a seven-win season in Week 1. Veteran Shaun Hill will get the start against...Michael Vick, yeah, that guy and the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Vick looked like the Vick of old against the Packers' last week and has guys like me, who just so happened to buy tickets to the Lions' season opener hoping to see Matthew Stafford for the first time, balancing the double-edged sword that is Michael Vick.

    On one hand, the Lions often struggle with mobile quarterbacks, on the other, Matthew Stafford is out and Vick may represent somewhat of a consolation prize in the form of entertainment value.

    This Lions' fan hopes to see a victory in Detroit but wouldn't mind Michael Vick to rip off a few spectacular runs in garbage time.

10. Seattle Seahawks at Denver Broncos (FOX)

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    Pete Carroll looked like the Carroll of old, jumping and screaming in jubilation at the sight of his Seattle Seahawks putting it to the once-feared 49ers' defense.

    Seattle put up 31 points and performed admirably on both offense and defense.

    The Denver Broncos had no answer for David Garrard and the Jacksonville Jaguars in their 24-17 loss.

    Kyle Orton threw for 295 yards and a touchdown but also threw a pick and the running game was sub-par.

    If the Broncos intend to bounce back, they will have to find a way to produce on the ground as well as through the air.

    Seattle scored 31 points but only produced 242 yards, so it isn't like the Broncos have to keep pace, they simply have to win the field position battle and execute their offense.

9. Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys (FOX)

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    Chicago was handed a gift and Dallas had one taken away.

    The Bears benefited from the controversial no-touchdown call in the waning moments against Detroit and the Cowboys had what they thought was a game-winning touchdown pass taken away because of a holding penalty.

    Chicago produced a lot of yards, 463 to be exact but turned the ball over and couldn't convert in the red zone.

    The Cowboys ran the ball well early but decided to throw the ball more for some reason and could only muster seven points against the Redskins.

    Expect more scoring, a lot more and a pretty entertaining game.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers (CBS)

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    The San Diego Chargers lost a game they should of won against the Chiefs on Monday Night Football, 21-14.

    Vincent Jackson's absence and the weather affected the Chargers normally productive offensive to be anything but and big plays on special teams spelled disaster.

    Jacksonville was opportunistic and executed in their 24-17 win over the Denver Broncos.

    David Garrard threw for three touchdown passes and although Maurice Jones-Drew didn't have spectacular numbers, was effective and came through throughout the contest.

    I expect the Chargers to bounce back in week two and earn their first victory of the season in the friendly confines of Qualcomm Stadium. 

7. Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans (CBS)

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    Chris Johnson was electric as always in the Tennessee Titans' 38-13 win over the Oakland Raiders. He rushed the ball 27 times for 142 yards and two touchdowns.

    The Steelers' defense and running back Rashard Mendenhall were instrumental in the Steelers' victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Mendenhall's 50-yard scamper into the end zone in overtime sealed the victory, 15-9.

    Dennis Dixon and the Steelers' offense will more than likely need more than 15 points to beat the Titans this week and my guess is they will, although I'm not sure if the Steelers will be able to contain Johnson enough to win this contest.

6. Houston Texans at Washington Redskins (CBS)

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    The Texans' pass rush and Arian Foster's 231-yard outburst proved to be enough for Houston to earn just its second victory against the Indianapolis Colts in franchise history.

    Houston and head coach Gary Kubiak promised a more physical approach this off-season and they delivered on that promise in Week 1.

    The Redskins' defense did a great job stifling the Cowboys' offense and holding them to just seven points but this week that type of performance is highly unlikely.

    Expect a bit more passing from the Texans but the running game will be a factor on both sides.

5. Miami Dolphins at Minnesota Vikings (CBS)

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    The Minnesota Vikings only scored nine points in their loss to the Saints in the NFL's kickoff game.

    The defense was nasty, but without Sidney Rice, the Vikings' offense became one-dimensonal and lacked a big, physical deep threat.

    The Dolphins ran the ball 36 times but only gained 132 total net rushing yards in their 15-10 victory over the Buffalo Bills.

    It will take more than that to beat the Vikings in Week 2 and I doubt that Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, and the rest of the offense will be limited to nine points.

    This should be the battle of rushing attacks and if I were a betting man (which I'm not), I would put my money on A.P.

4. New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers (ESPN)

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    Mike Singletary called a team meeting after the 49ers' embarrassing 31-6 loss against the Seattle Seahawks.

    He called out Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree in the press conference following the game, holding the duo and others on offense accountable for their lack of production.

    The Saints had an off-week at least compared to the standards they have set for themselves over the last three years or so.

    14 points is usually a first-quarter output for New Orleans and despite what usually is a stout defense in San Francisco, I highly doubt Drew Brees and company will fail to produce less than 20 on Monday Night Football.

    This game will be closer than you think, but the Saints should come away with a victory.

3. Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals (CBS)

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    The Baltimore Ravens were back to their old tricks again and Ray Lewis was happier than I was after I saw Calvin Johnson make the game-winning catch...oh, wait that's right.

    The Ravens' defense was impressive, only surrendering 176 total yards against the New York Jets.

    I expect similar results against the dynamic duo of Shrek and Donkey in Cincinnati. The Bengals' offense didn't produce until late in their loss to New England, and their defense was putrid.

    I expect Ray Rice to have a very nice game against what I thought was a respectable defense last year and what so far has turned out to be a little soft...except for Leon Hall, love you buddy. (Go Blue)

2. New England Patriots at New York Jets (CBS)

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    New England looked good against the Bengals, Tom Brady got his three touchdown passes, Wes Welker's return was a successful one has he reeled in two Brady passes for six.

    Randy Moss' rant aside, everyone for the Patriots seemed pretty Hunky Dory (yes, that was a David Bowie reference). 

    The Jets' are the polar opposite; the Jets' offense was dismal and media and fans alike are already calling the Jets overrated.

    Slow down, SportsNation, I saw that wonderful poll in which 69 percent of you suggested that they were indeed overrated.

    You know what's overrated? Week 1 of the NFL season. That's all it is, one game, it may eventually matter in the grand scheme of things but the Jets' season is not over, not by a long shot.

    Their defense only surrendered 10 points, what exactly is overrated about only allowing 10 points?

    That's mighty damn impressive and although I have the Patriots in this game, I would not be surprised in the least if the Jets bounce back in Week 2 and shut everyone up, except Bart Scott and I, we've got this.

1. New York Giants at Indianapolis Colts (NBC)

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    This match-up has more story lines then an episode of Lost, the only difference? When it's over, we more then likely will know who the winner is (I'm looking at you Mike Pereira).

    The Manning Bowl is more than just Peyton and Eli Manning, it's about the Colts potentially going 0-2 for the first time since 1998, the Giants' pass rush against the lowly Colts' pass protection, the Colts' rush defense against Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs, as well as a slew of other things (many of which you can read about in my preview here).

    I know I am the Colts' Featured Columnist on Bleacher Report and that more than likely gives me a bit of a bias but I really cannot see Indy falling to 0-2.

    Even with the glaring issues in both pass protection and rush defense, I believe in Peyton, something I never would have said several years ago. 

    This should be a great game to watch, so make sure to check out my live blog during the game. Thanks for reading.