Week 2 Predictions: Can Ahmad Bradshaw Be Stopped?

Joe KleiberCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2010

Week one was unpredictable as usual, but owners cannot panic after one week. Who saw Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub having mediocre weeks? Who saw Arian Foster having a career week? Who saw David Garrard throwing for three touchdowns? Week one always sends owners into panic mode even though it's only one week. If you were an unfortunate owner of Ryan Grant, hopefully you got Brandon Jackson or made a trade to make up for the loss. Injuries happen in the NFL and owners need to make up for the injuries with trades or waiver-wire pick-ups and not panic.

Who is my start of the week this week? Well he goes up against possibly the worst run defense in the NFL. He is a rising star and has a firm grip on his starting job in a powerful offense. His name? Ahmad Bradshaw. The Colts watched last week as Foster ran for 231 rushing yards and three touchdowns. Foster owners were drooling and jumping for joy. This week Bradshaw gets his chance to roll over the Bob Sanders-less Colts defense. Prediction: 110 rushing yds 1 td 4 recs 50 yds

This brings us to my sit of the week. He is going to be stuck on an island against the best shutdown cornerback in the NFL. He has been moaning about a new contract to the media. He is on one of the most explosive offenses in the league. His name is Randy Moss. He is going up against the New York Jets and that means he has a date with Darrelle Revis. Revis shuts down every top receiver in the league and this week will be no different. Moss picked a bad week to talk about his contract. Prediction: 3 recs 30 yds

Week one predictions:
Prediction: PIT 10 TEN 17
The Steelers won doing what they do best last week and that's playing smash mouth power football. They also played great defense against Matt Ryan's Falcons. The Steelers defense looks like a fierce and physical unit once again and owners of any Titans skill position players besides Chris Johnson need to look at other options. The only Steelers players I would trust would be Rashard Mendenhall and Hines Ward.
Boom: H. Ward, R. Mendenhall, C. Johnson, Steelers defense, Titans defense
Bust: V. Young, M. Wallace

Prediction: BAL 14 CIN 9
The Ravens shut Rex Ryan and the Jets up and they intend to do the same thing to Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco. Ray Rice should get back on track after going against the best defense in the league. I would avoid all other Ravens offensive players besides Anquan Boldin. Flacco hasn't had a great history against the Bengals. I would keep my expectations in check for Bengals players this week although Carson Palmer could pick apart the Ravens secondary if he gets time to throw. he has a solid hsitory against them too. Benson had two great games against the Ravens last year, but they will look to stop Benson first.
Boom: R. Rice, A. Boldin, C. Palmer, C. Ochocinco, T. Owens, Ravens defense, Bengals defense
Bust: J. Flacco, D. Mason, C. Benson
Sleeper: J. Gresham

Prediction: PHI 27 DET 14
The Kevin Kolb era has gotten off to a brutal start and the Michael Vick era has begun. If Vick plays great the next few weeks, he may start the rest of the eyar after Kolb suffered a concussion. Vick will start this week and possibly the next few weeks at least. Upgrade all your Eagles starters this week and the Lions need a downgrade with Matthew Stafford out for at least six weeks.
Boom: All Eagles starters, C. Johnson
Bust: J. Best
Sleeper: T. Scheffler

Prediction: AZ 14 ATL 24
Derek Anderson is the most inaccurate starting quarterback in the league, but owners of their receiving core need to deal with it. Larry Fitzgerald will get his numbers no matter who is throwing him the ball. Steve Breaston is looking like he's going to have a big year if Anderson targets him early and often. The Falcons had a rough game against the Steelers last week, but they can do that to anybody. Expect a big bounce back this week and start all Falcons position players with confidence.
Boom: L. Fitzgerald, S. Breaston, M. Ryan, M. Turner, R. White, T. Gonzalez
Bust: Cardinals defense, B. Wells, T. Hightower
Sleeper: L. Stephens-Howling

Prediction: MIA 14 MIN 24
Brett Favre's second season with the Vikings got off to a tough start last week. He looked rusty and he had no chemistry with any wide receiver other than tight-end Visanthe Shiancoe. Look for a bounce back this week and for Greg Camarillo to get more involved. The Dolphins offense is a question mark other than Brandon Marshall. They did not look very good against the Bills and they won't be able to run much this week.
Boom: B. Favre, A. Peterson, V. Shiancoe, P. Harvin, Vikings defense, B. Marshall
Bust: R. Brown, R. Williams, C. Henne, Dolphins defense, B. Berrian
Sleeper: G. Camarilllo

Prediction: KC 20 CLE 14
The Chiefs looked much improved and very impressive last Monday night. This offense and special teams look very solid right now. They put new toy Dexter McCluster to good use after he returned a 94-yard punt for a touchdown. I'd use Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe with confidence and would stay away from most Browns players right now. They are all risky starts.
Boom: J. Charles, D. Bowe, Chiefs defense, M. Massaqoui, P. Hillis, J. Harrison
Bust: Browns defense, J. Delhomme, M. Cassel
Sleeper: D. McCluster

Prediction: TB 14 CAR 17
This won't be a pretty game as both teams are in rebuilding mode and neither showed very much promise week one, even though the Bucs were able to hold off the Browns. Carolina's quarterback situation is a mess after M. Moore suffered a concussion week one and will have to trot out the young rookie Jimmy Clausen. Steve Smith might have trouble this week. Look for the Panthers to rely on their running game against a weak Bucs run defense. Both Panthers running-backs look like great starts.
Boom: D. Williams, J.Stewart, Panthers defense, M. Williams, K. Winslow
Bust: S. Smith, C. Williams
Sleeper: S. Stroughter

Prediction: BUF 13 GB 31
I would not want to be in the Bills' shoes this week. This looks like a massacre on paper. The Bills offense is in an absolute flux and against a top defense in the Packers, things won't get better this week. Avoid all Bills players this week. Brandon Jackson gets his first start to shine this year and the matchup couldn't be any better. The Bills run defense is one of the worst in the NFL. The Packers offense should explode.
Boom: All Packers
Bust: All Bills
Sleeper: J. Jones

Prediction: CHI 14 DAL 27
The Cowboys are angry and they will take it out on the Bears. The Bears were lucky to win last week after the awful call on the Calvin Johnson touchdown catch. Matt Forte was the big positive from last week and expect him to be heavily involved every week. The Bears wide-receivers are hard to predict from week to week, but I would use Johnny Knox every week. Jay Cutler is in for a rough week after the Cowboys basically shut down the Redskins last week Use all Cowboys offensive players with confidence against a weak bears defense. It's tough to use any Cowboys running-back since nobody knows who will step up from week to week. Marion Barber and Felix Jones are nothing but flex players.
Boom: All Cowboys, M. Forte, J. Knox
Bust: J. Cutler, D. Hester, Bears defense
Sleeper: G. Olsen

Prediction: SEA 14 DEN 17
The Seahawks surprised many by slaughtering the San Francisco 49ers last week. They will probably come back down to Earth this week. The Seahawks offense is tough to rely on since there are no juggernauts or stars on it. There are some solid players like Mike Williams, John Carlson and the rejuvenated Matt Hasselbeck. Kyle Orton should have a big week since the Broncos defense forces this team into shoot-outs. Knowshon Moreno looked solid last week and should be in for another nice week against a mediocre Seahawks defense. Use any Broncos receiver at your own risk since who knows who will step up each week.
Boom: M. Williams, M. Hasselbeck, J. Carlson, K. Orton, J. Gaffney, E. Royal, K. Moreno
Bust: Both defenses
Sleeper: D. Butler

Prediction: STL 21 OAK 20
Both teams looked bad last week, but this is a fantasy owner's dream with two bad defenses. Steven Jackson should go off for a huge week and Mark Clayton could as well. The Raiders were shutdown last week, but get a friendly matchup here. Zach Miller should have a huge week as well as both Raiders running-backs.
Boom: S. Jackson, M. Clayton, L. Robinson, J. Campbell, Z. Miller, D. McFadden
Bust: All Raiders receivers
Sleeper: D. Amendola

Prediction: JAX 21 SD 31
The Jaguars offense looked improved, but their defense still gives up too many big plays. Philip Rivers and company should be licking their chops this week. Expect huge numbers from the Chargers. Stay away from David Garrard, but Maurice Jones-Drew, Mike Sims-Walker and Mike Thomas should all have solid weeks.
Boom: All Chargers, MJD, M. Sims-Walker
Bust: D. Garrard
Sleeper: M. Thomas

Prediction: NE 17 NYJ 14
The Jets looked pathetic last Monday with crucial penalties, turnovers and mental mistakes. It is tough to rely on any Jets offensive player until they prove themselves. Tom Brady and Wes Welker should be fine, but everybody else is a question mark. Start the defense with confidence though. This may be an ugly game like last Monday night's game.
Boom: T. Brady, W. Welker, Patriots defense
Bust: R. Moss, all Jets
Sleeper: J. Edelman

Prediction: HOU 20 WAS 14
The Redskins won last week, but they didn't look very good in the process. It was more of the Cowboys mistakes then them proving anything positive. I wouldn't use any Redskin other than Chris Cooley and Santana Moss. The Texans are always a fantasy force and now with Arian Foster, it's even better. Start the big three (Schaub, Johnson and Foster) and look for Jacoby Jones to have a nice week. Owen Daniels is being limited due to his injury so find somebody else this week if you can.
Boom: M. Scahub, A. Johnson, A. Foster, Texans defense, S. Moss, C. Cooley
Bust: D. McNabb, C. Portis, K. Walter
Sleeper: J. Jones

Prediction: NYG 21 IND 24
This is supposed to be the Manning bowl, but Ahmad Bradshaw has something to say about that. If Bradshaw does even close to what Foster did last week, Eli Manning won't have to throw as much. Upgrade Bradshaw and don't expect too much from the Giants wide-receivers if Bradshaw goes off. The Colts offense lives and dies through Peyton Manning so start all your Colts with confidence every week.
Boom: E. Manning, A. Bradshaw, S. Smith, H. Nicks, All Colts
Bust: Nobody
Sleeper: B. Jacobs

Prediction: NO 21 SF 24
The 49ers were awful in there season debut, but signs point to a bounce back this week. They are at home and Mike Singletary lit into his team after last week. They have the offense to keep up with the Saints and it should be high scoring. Start all your studs here.
Boom: All Saints, V. Davis, F. Gore
Bust: M. Crabtree, both defenses
Sleeper: D. Henderson