Spygate and a Sibling Rivalry: A Look at The Matchups For The NFL Week 2

Ian SwobodaContributor ISeptember 17, 2010

NEW YORK - JUNE 14:  (L-R) Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, Archie Manning and New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning attends the NERF Father's Day Football Throwdown on June 14, 2008 at Chelsea Piers in New York City.  (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Can week 2 of the NFL season already have two match-ups that not only create buzz but divides households?  Absolutely.   In one, we have a reversal of roles when New England travels to face the “Hard Knocked” Jets and in the other a little sibling rivalry as the Giants trek indoors for a Sunday night game against the Colts.



JETS VS. PATRIOTS – Spygate anyone?  For the younger crowd, the spygate moment is what seemed to have triggered this rivalry and taken it to a whole new level. 


Eric Mangini, whom previously was on the sidelines for the Patriots, jumped over to the Jets before the 2006 season.   He guided the Jets to the postseason that year.  The following year is when it all started. 


 After a rather poor performance by the Jets and a 38-14 killing by the Patriots, Mangini came out with the accusation that the Patriots were filming the Jets’ defensive signals.


Bill Belichick, the Patriots’ coach, was up in arms about it and denied it from the start.


The Patriots ended up losing their first round pick in 2007 and also was fined $750,000.  If that does not create a rivalry then I am not sure what would. 


Also, in an interview earlier this year, Tom Brady was quoted as saying “I hate the Jets” after being asked about the Jets on “Hard Knocks” on HBO this season.


Now the roles have been reversed.  The Jets came into this season as the favorites while the Patriots are just the team on the other side of the rivalry.  The Patriots were known for their “say-nothing” mild-mannered approach just a couple of years ago, while the Jets were the loud mouths. 


With the Brady comment, it seems as if the roles have been reversed and now the Jets are puffing their chests and keeping their mouths closed while the Patriots are sounding off.


PREDICTION:  The New York Jets did not show anything good last Monday night.  Their offense is just awful.  They have receivers who cannot get open and a quarterback who cannot throw but he can sure catch balls one-handed.  The defense is good but against a Patriots’ offense that put up 38 points against a supposed above average Bengals defense, this defense may become tired from being on the field for extended periods of time.  With a team that cannot move the ball, the defense may grow weary of the underneath passes to Welker.  Revis may be able to lock down Moss but watch Welker and the tight end crew of the Patriots tear apart Cromartie and Wilson for big plays.  I am predicting a blowout here as Sanchez learns that being an NFL quarterback is not all about glitz and glamour


Patriots – 21

Jets – 10


Giants vs. Colts – This rivalry seems a little more timid than the previous.


The Mannings seem ready to bombard Lucas Oil Stadium as Eli takes on Peyton.


Eli, the younger brother, seems to always be making mistakes in the Big Apple while Peyton seems to be able to do no wrong in Indianapolis. 


Eli is lost at times and makes some poor decisions.  Peyton might as well be the offensive coordinator because he controls his offense like a general going into battles.


For those of us who are Madden fans, playing against Peyton Manning and the quarterback causes the game to drag on because every time you move a defender, he has an audible for it. 


Eli is not that skilled at play calling but has worked hard to be able to call audibles at line.


Watch as these two quarterbacks go up against one another this week and every other shot is of Archie Manning.  The big bet for this week is who gets more facetime during the game? Eli, Peyton or Archie?  My bet is on Archie


PREDICTION:  Be careful with this one.  The Colts have the better brother but the Giants may have the better team.  With all his receivers healthy and ready to go, Eli has a plethora of targets from Steve Smith to Hakeem Nicks to Super Mario Manningham.  Peyton still has Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark but will be forced to go to Pierre Garcon who had a poor week or Austin Collie who will be the playing against lesser talented coverage than any of the other three.  The Colts could not stop the run last week as Foster exploded for them so look for Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs to have big weeks.  Mario Williams destroyed the Colts line and there is no reason to believe that Justin Tuck will not mirror or exceed that performance.


Giants – 35

Colts - 31