Detroit Lions Start 2010 Season As Winners at Soldier Field

Ken HoehnContributor ISeptember 15, 2010

A stunned Calvin Johnson after the touchdown that wasn't
A stunned Calvin Johnson after the touchdown that wasn'tJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Now I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking:  A) Kool-aid Kens been drinking again: B) Ken's off his meds:  C) I'm really tired of this CJ catch thing, get over it already or D) All of the above. And I'd be hard pressed not to vote for D) All of the above myself, but stay with me for a minute while we take a look back at what happened Sunday, what it means, and what it may mean over the coming weeks.

Lets start with the second part of my rambling.   What did Sundays game mean? If we keep the focus on the final goal, the Lombardi trophy, then this week one game means exactly...... squat. I mean really did any-one expect our Leo's to go undefeated to the Super Bowl this year? Not even this, some say delusional,  kool-aid guzzling old geezer expected that. So we lost. Who cares? I know, we keep score for a reason, but really, everyone and their sister knows that Calvin Johnson caught a game winning touchdown pass with only seconds remaining to win the game. Sure it goes down in the record books as a loss, because of a convoluted rule, but, like another moment in Detroit sports history this year, we all know what really happened. We can now put that to rest.

With that said, what else happened? The d-line stopped the bears from scoring from the one yard line like, what, a 112 times?  Our  Defensive line was simply dominating. Suh got his first sack and KVB demonstrated a motor that wouldn't stop. The man was everywhere.  Our back seven delivered one crushing hit after another. Sure we had two minutes at the end of the first half when the world seemed to come crashing down, but our Leo's didn't implode. Our Defense had one gut check moment after another Sunday, and I say they passed. In fact, I'd say they pretty much De-clawed them Bears.

Now not everything was so sweet for our Lions.  Stafford got hurt, during that horrible two minutes before the first half ended. While it looks like Shaun Hill will fill in admirably, he did, after all, throw the game winning touchdown, Stafford needs to play.  If the best way for Stafford to learn was by playing on the field, not holding a clipboard, last year, then the same holds true this year.  But remember our goal? If the Lions are going to bring home the Lombardi trophy in the coming year(s), then they will have to learn to play through adversity. The team will have to develop confidence in the back-ups. The coaches will have to evaluate this team in good times and bad. This is the perfect time to build your backup, your plan B. It's also the perfect time for the team to rally around one another and go out and show all the non-believers that last week was just the beginning. That this ain't your Daddy's Leo's. It's another gut check time and it's only the first of many for our Detroit Lions.

It was after all only week one......