NFL- J.T.'s Week 1 Bakers Dozen & 13.5 (Half The Size, 2x The Bite)

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NFL- J.T.'s Week 1 Bakers Dozen & 13.5 (Half The Size, 2x The Bite)
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J.T. Sounds OFF- Wednesday, September 15th 

Every week throughout the NFL season I will bring you my Bakers Dozen. My weekly Top 13 as I see them. Let's not forget aobut 13.5 a.k.a. Half The Size, Twice The Bite. This is the team that is knocking on the door of the Bakers Dozen.  Jump on & Sound OFF with your thoughts.  Whether you want to criticize a selection or agree with one, I want to hear from You.  Each week on my radio program we will Shake 'n Bake the Top 13. 

J.T.'s Week 2 NFL Bakers Dozen

1.   New Orleans Saints 1-0 

2.   Baltimore Ravens 1-0  (Shake Up 1) 

3.   New England Patriots 1-0 (Shake Up 1) 

4.   Green Bay Packers 1-0 (Shake Up 4)   

5.   Houston Texans 1-0 (Shake Up 6) 

6.   Indianapolis Colts 0-1 (Bake 'Em, Down 4)

7.   Tennessee Titans 1-0 (NR) 

8.   Minnesota Vikings 0-1 (Bake 'Em, Down 3)  

9.  Dallas Cowboys 0-1 (Bake 'Em, Down 3

10. Miami Dolphins 1-0 (Shake Up 3.5)

11. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-0 (NR) 

12. Washington Redskins 1-0 (NR) 

13. New York Jets 0-1 (Bake 'Em, Down 6)

13.5 (Half the Size, Twice the Bite)

        Kansas City Chiefs 1-0 (NR) 

Who's out?  Bengals (PR, 9)  Chargers (PR, 10)  Falcons (PR, 12)  49ers (PR, 13)

Sound OFF! with your thoughts on Week 1 in the NFL. 

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