2010 NL Edition: The Most Valuable Players In Each Division

Nick Santa MariaContributor ISeptember 20, 2010

2010 NL Edition: The Most Valuable Players In Each Division

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    With less than 20 games left in the season, the NL MVP talks always begin to heat up. This season is one of the most difficult choices in many years. 

    Will Albert Pujols sit atop the throne once again and win his third straight MVP award? Will his fellow all-star players knock him off the top?

    Here is my list of MVP's in each division.

    Sorry for the long wait! Thanks for reading and enjoy!


    NOTE: All statistics as of September 20, 2010. Since the NL was a lot more difficult to choose rather than the AL, there is more than one honorable mention in all divisions.



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NL East Honorable Mention: Jayson Werth

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    Batting Average: .292

    Home runs: 24

    RBIs: 76

    OPS: .902

    Hits: 153

    Doubles: 44

    Runs: 99 

    Strikeouts: 143 

    Jayson Werth has been one of the most consistent hitters on the Philadelphia Phillies. With a batting average of .290, he has done wonders for the Phillies. Ironically, he leads the team in strikeouts.

    Although he hasn't drove in many runs, he still is a cherished piece to the playoff puzzle.

    Jayson has done well in the outfield, posting very errors and a high fielding percentage.

    If Jayson Werth decides to leave Philly after the 2010 season, the Phillies have a big hole in their lineup. 

    That is of course, if Dominic Brown is a bust.

NL East Honorable Mention: Tim Hudson

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    Record: 16-8 

    ERA: 2.61

    Strikeouts: 129

    Innings Pitched: 210 

    WHIP: 1.12 

    Tim Hudson has been the best starting pitcher on the Braves in 2010. The 35-year-old right hander has come back to the top after returning from injury late last season.

    Hudson has a very low ERA and a very good record. His winning percentage is high and could be a contender in the NL Cy Young. He has been one of the best players on the Braves which is why I took him over Johan Santana and Josh Johnson. 

    Tim Hudson will be a key player if the Braves make the playoffs (which I hope they do).

NL East Honorable Mention: Ryan Zimmerman

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    Batting Average: .305 

    Home runs: 25

    RBIs: 84

    Hits: 156

    OPS: .898 

    What!? A Washington National on the MVP list! Stop the presses! 

    Ryan Zimmerman has proved himself to be one of the best third baseman in all of baseball. He has to be one of the most underrated players due to being on a struggling team. Clearly, he is the best current Washington National.

    He has very good batting numbers in the NL and as the photo shows, makes great plays at the hot corner.

    At only age 25, Ryan Zimmerman has already proved himself and will be fun to watch once the Nationals play better.

    He could make a run at the MVP, but right now there is one more cherished player in the NL East.

NL East MVP: Roy Halladay

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    Record: 19-10

    ERA: 2.49

    Strikeouts: 210

    Complete Games: 8

    Shut Outs: 3

    One Perfect Game

    Innings Pitched: 234.2

    Without a question in my mind, Roy Halladay was the NL East MVP. Many will disagree, but how can you?

    He's clearly been the best starter on the Phillies. He is arguably the best starter in the NL East.

    Halladay has a very strong chance of winning the NL Cy Young. His contenders are Adam Wainwright and Ubaldo Jimenez, both very good pitchers.

    Roy Halladay is key to the Phillies' World Series rotation. He is the "Cliff Lee" of 2010 for the Phillies but better.

    If Halladay continues to have this wonderful season, the Phillies have a chance to be back for the third straight time in the World Series.

NL West Honorable Mention: Aubrey Huff

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    Yes, he leads the Giants in almost every basic statistical offensive category i.e BA, HR, RBI,etc


    Batting Average: .290

    Home runs: 25

    RBIs: 84

    Hits: 153

    OBP: .383

    I bet the Orioles are regretting this trade. Aubrey Huff is having one of the best years of his career.

    While many get lost in watching the stars Tim Lincecum and Pablo Sandoval, many forget how important Aubrey Huff has been to the surging San Francisco Giants. He has quietly made himself a star of the team.

    His defense is also as good as his offense. In his three positions, (LF,RF,1B) Huff has only three errors and a whopping 1.000 Fielding Percentage in the OF. At first, he has a .996 Fielding Percentage, which is also very good.

    If Huff can continue to hit, he is on his way to a 30 Home run, 90 RBI season.

NL West Honorable Mention: Troy Tulowitzki

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    Batting Average: .325

    Home runs: 26

    RBIs: 89

    Slugging Percentage: .590

    OBP: .389

    Without a doubt, Troy Tulowitzki is one of the best shortstops in the the National League.

    So, why is he an honorable mention? Troy Tulowitzki's MVP chances decreased dramatically when he injured himself before the All-Star break.

    If he wasn't injured, he'd easily be over 30 home runs and 100 RBIs.

    His defense is also pretty good. He has nine errors and a fielding percentage of .984. He has made some pretty outstanding plays in the field, though.

    He's on fire as of lately. Fourteen home runs in the last fifteen games is unrealistic; another unrealistic statistic is 35 RBIs in the last 16 games.

    Enjoy it while it lasts, Rockies fans.

NL West Honorable Mention: Adrian Gonzalez

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    Batting Average: .306 

    Home runs: 29 

    RBIs: 97 

    Hits: 168

    OBP: .397 

    Adrian Gonzalez is the star of the San Diego Padres.

    He is one of the best first baseman in the MLB, both offensively and defensively. "Gonzo" has been a major part of the Padres' playoff run and  is a deciding factor for October.

    Defensively, Gonzalez has one of the highest fielding percentages in his career (.996) and potentially can make a run for his third straight NL Gold Glove.

    Many can argue that he is the NL West MVP, but I think there is a better guy. (You know it's coming.)

NL West MVP: Carlos Gonzalez

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    Batting Average: .340 (National League Leader)

    Home runs: 32 

    RBIs: 107 (National League Leader)

    Runs: 105 (National League Leader)

    Hits: 185

    Slugging Percentage: .605 (National League Leader) 

    I am at a loss for words. Does he really need an explanation?

    Last year, I bet a handful of people only knew who Carlos Gonzalez was.

    He's been the best hitter on the Rockies and in the National League. He and the Rockies' rotation are key elements in making the playoffs.

    His defense is very good, posting only five errors all season. Gonzalez has a .988 fielding percentage.

    Carlos Gonzalez has proven himself to be a premier athlete at only age 24. Baseball fans can only wonder if this season is the beginning of a new era for the Rockies, or a bust next season.

NL Central Honorable Mention: Ryan Braun

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    Batting Average: .306

    Home runs: 23

    RBIs: 91

    Hits: 177

    Runs: 95

    Ryan Braun has been fantastic for the Brewers this season. Many will argue that Prince Fielder should be in this spot. However, Braun is more consistent and hits for a lot of power.

    This season, Fielder surprisingly only has 30 home runs and a very small 76 RBIs this season. Clearly, his stats have diminished from last year's MVP season.

    Braun has been a necessity in left field for the Brewers, and has done his job very well. He only has three errors and a fielding percentage of .989.

    I see Braun finishing off the 2010 season with 26-28 home runs and over 100 RBIs.

NL Central Honorable Mention: Adam Wainwright

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    Record: 19-11 (Tied National League Leader)

    ERA: 2.45

    Strikeouts: 206

    Innings Pitched: 224.1

    Complete Games: 5

    Shutouts: 2


    Now as much as I would love to throw Brett Myers in the mix, clearly Adam Wainwright has been the more dominant pitcher.

    He's been lights out this year for the Cardinals. Adam Wainwright has proved himself worthy of a Cy Young. As much as I love Tim Lincecum, I personally think he should have won the Cy Young last year. 

    Wainwright has one of the lowest ERA's in the NL only increasing his chances for the coveted award.

    He has a strong case to win the NL Cy Young if he reaches 20 or more wins. With Halladay in the lead, Wainwright really has to buckle down and win his next two starts. 

NL Central Honorable Mention: Albert Pujols

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    Batting Average: .306

    Home runs: 39 (National League Leader)

    RBIs: 107 (National League Leader)


    Slugging Percentage: .586

    OBP: .403

    Gasp! Albert Pujols isn't the NL Central MVP?

    Many will argue this decision but once the next slide rolls around, you'll have a better understanding of why I made this choice.

    Pujols needs no introduction. He's one of the most feared hitters in the game, outstanding fielder, and hits home runs easily.

    However, a struggling Cardinals team that won't make the playoffs, has Albert Pujols out of luck.

    So my choice for the most difficult division to choose from is.... 

NL Central MVP: Zach Duke

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    Just Kidding. 

    My real choice is....

NL Central MVP: Joey Votto

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    Batting Average: .324

    Home runs: 34

    RBIs: 104

    Hits: 169

    Slugging Percentage: .594

    OBP:  .424

    Finally, a breath of fresh air.

    Hasn't baseball been boring ever since Albert Pujols has won the last three straight MVP awards? Let's not make it a fourth.

    Joey Votto is the MVP of the Reds. He's been on fire since the start of the season, both offensively and defensively.

    He is more valuable to a contending Reds team rather than Pujols, who belongs to a struggling playoff team.

    He leads the league in on-base percentage and slugging percentage so you know he's a great hitter. 

    Defensively, Votto has a .996 fielding percentage and only five errors. At age 27, Votto has proved himself to be a great Reds hitter.

    Votto is a key factor in the Reds playoff run.

    I can see Votto finishing the season with 38 home runs and 115 RBIs.

NL MVP: Carlos Gonzalez/ Joey Votto

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    Carlos Gonzalez or Joey Votto have to be the NL MVP.

    I'm going to make these statements.

    If the Rockies make the playoffs, CarGo will be the NL MVP.

    If the Rockies miss the playoffs, and Joey Votto does well in the playoffs, he will be the MVP.


    It's up for you to decide, but if I had to pick, Carlos Gonzalez gets my vote.