NFL Picks Week 2: 10 Toxic Survivor Pool Games To Avoid

Bailey Brautigan@BBrautiganFeatured ColumnistSeptember 17, 2010

NFL Picks Week 2: Ten Toxic Survivor Pool Games To Avoid

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    So you entered an NFL Survivor Pool this season, and you're feeling a little stressed. You don't want to waste the Saints on the 49ers or the Packers on the Bills, but the rest of the Week 2 schedule is looking a little hazy.

    Well, we can't make your decision for you, but we can tell you what not to do.

    You may want to take a chance early in the season, but beware!

    Here are the top 10 most toxic games to avoid if you want to stay and fight another day.

10. Seattle at Denver

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    Temptation Island: Denver

    Survivor: We learned not to underestimate the Seahawks in Week 1 after a surprising win over the 49ers. Denver may be a better team, but this will be a close one.

    Matt Hasselbeck has built a nice relationship with his receivers, and this game will be too ugly to pick a definite winner.

9. Tampa Bay at Carolina

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    Temptation Island: Carolina

    Survivor: Tampa Bay is coming off a close win over the Cleveland Browns, and the Panthers are questionable at quarterback.

    Even with a solid set of running backs, Carolina could find themselves in a very close game with the Bucs.

8. Kansas City at Cleveland

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    Temptation Island: Cleveland

    Survivor: This could be anybody's game. The Browns are favored at home, but the Chiefs are coming off an impressive win over the San Diego Chargers.

    This could be the year for the underdogs in the NFL, so don't make the mistake of underestimating either of these teams.

7. Pittsburgh at Tennessee

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    Temptation Island: Tennessee

    Survivor: Just stay away from this one. The Titans are favored, but I think everyone is forgetting the strength of the Pittsburgh defense.

    Chris Johnson's performance against the Raiders makes the Titans an attractive option for your Survivor pool, but do not confuse the Raiders with the Steelers.

6. Miami at Minnesota

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    Temptation Island: Minnesota

    Survivor: The Vikings are hungry for a win after a devastating loss to the Saints in Week 1, but let's not be too quick to underestimate the Dolphins.

    The Vikings are missing some key pieces, and Chad Henne will only get better throughout the season. Minnesota will probably win, but stay away from these teams until next week.

5. St. Louis at Oakland

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    Temptation Island: Oakland

    Survivor: Both of these teams are coming off Week 1 losses, and you might be tempted to pick the Raiders at home.

    But don't be too hasty here. Raider Nation thinks this is "their year," but they have yet to prove that they have improved enough to guarantee a win.

4. Jacksonville at San Diego

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    Temptation Island: San Diego

    Survivor: The Chargers lost to the Chiefs in Week 1. They have an advantage at home, and they are the better team.

    But the Chargers lost to the Chiefs in Week 1.

3. Houston at Washington

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    Temptation Island: Houston

    Survivor: You were impressed by the Texans last week, so you're eager to pick them against the Redskins. Not so fast!

    Remember that the Redskins defeated a strong Dallas squad, and they could score enough to keep up with an explosive Houston offense.

2. New York Giants at Indianapolis

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    Temptation Island: Indianapolis

    Survivor: These are both terrific football teams. The Manning brothers each have their rings, and this will be their second meeting on the field.

    Don't be too quick to hand this game to Peyton Manning. The Colts are excellent on offense, but their defense leaves quite a bit to be desired. This game will be very close, and Eli just might pull out a win over big bro.

1. New England at New York Jets

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    Temptation Island: New England

    Survivor: Just stay away from this one!

    Yes, the Jets lost to the Ravens.

    Yes, the Patriots spanked the Bengals.

    Save these teams for later on in the season.