The NFL's Five Best Motivational Players Today

Erik LandauCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2010

The NFL's Five Best Motivational Players Today

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    These are the guys that can ramp up a lifeless team. That can exert an extra level of intensity upon a sport that is already rampant in intensity. Michael Strahan in the past was a great example of a player who was able to rev up his teammates to a greater level of intensity.

    There have been plenty of coaches that have that little extra push to get their teams going. It is almost a necessity out of coaches that they have this part. Mike Ditka, Jim Mora, Herm Edwards and Marv Levy are just a few of the Head Coaches that fit the bill.

    Here though, the focus is on current players who use their uptempo, high energized ways to excite their team. There are a few that can fit into this category, but making a top five takes the cream of the crop. They are all veterans on this list who have displayed their intensity over the years.

    Here then, are the top 5 motivators in the National Football League.

5. London Fletcher

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    London Fletcher it seems is a player that has gone under the radar his entire career. Under might be a good indication as to the player he be seen at a 5'10'' frame. He is now in his 13th season, but he has been productive ever since he was given a chance to play for St. Louis in the 2001 season.

    Fletcher, 35, has been a lightning bolt of energy for the Bills and now with his current team, the Washington Redskins. He is just the first of a trio of linebackers who know how to bring the heat through hits and words.

4. Joey Porter

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    He loves to yell and is always willing to challenge a player on the opposing side pregame. Joey Porter is willing to encourage his team and discourage yours. He is a pit bull on defense, but his bark and his bite are both vicious.

    The four time Pro Bowler has not been afraid to be confrontational as he took on Jerramy Stevens' comments in Super Bowl XL. Porter is a bully in the positive context. He will take whatever he can to pick on you and use it for his team's advantage. He's like Karl Malone; you love to have him on your team and hate to play against him. This has been the case for the Cardinals, Dolphins and most importantly the Pittsburgh Steelers.

3. Brian Dawkins

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    Brian Dawkins is a motivator that it seems many forget about. He brought up the blood flow in his former Eagle teammates plenty of times. As he shows in this video, he can bring up his team or even an entire fan base with his vocal strength.

    Now entering his fourteenth year in the league and second with the Broncos, Dawkins has been giving receivers migraines for a while. He was the most indispensable defensive player on the Eagles teams that made the NFC Championship games over the past decade.

    Dawkins makes no excuses in his play and makes many forget that he is a Safety, not a Linebacker. He is arguably the best Safety over the past decade which helps make his words even more potent.

2. Drew Brees

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    Brees, is now a world champion after taking the Super Bowl XLIV trophy. Part of the success he has earned can be connected to his now well known pregame pump up. His chant might be the most infamous pregame chant of All-Time rivaling the Atlanta  Falcons "You Can't Touch This" bit with MC Hammer.

    Brees lets his play do the talking and lets his talking energize the play of his teammates. The four-time Pro Bowler is money when it comes to Pregame festivities.

1. Ray Lewis

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    This man has so much natural energy, I wouldn't put it past him that he runs on Energizer batteries. When one thinks of Motivators, Ray Lewis has to pop into your head. When Ray himself makes statements like: "When we touch each other, we just give each other energy". This connection with Ray Rice is just one example of his overload of natural connections.

    Lewis hits hard, plays hard and speaks hard. No matter whether it's Joe Flacco, Steve McNair or Trent Dilfer, Ray Lewis is the true Quarterback (at least metaphorically) of this Ravens team. If going to war, I can't think of any better of a motivator than Ray Lewis.