A Look Ahead To The 2011 NFL Draft: The Buffalo Bills and Their Options

Lee NoeContributor IISeptember 14, 2010

A Look Ahead To The 2011 NFL Draft: The Buffalo Bills and Their Options

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    After a dismal offensive performance against the Dolphins in week 1 of the 2010 season, the Bills look to hold their own against a talented Green Bay Packers team.

    Is it too early to look ahead to the draft? I think not! 

    Lets take a look at some of the options the Bills will have come April 2011.

Wide Receiver: A.J. Green

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    A receiver with seemingly limitless potential. Green comes to play every week, showing good speed, solid hands, and a great frame: 6'4'' 205 lbs. Green would be an instant upgrade in the Bills receiving corps, and has potential to go in the top 5.

Wide Receiver: Jonathan Baldwin

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    Baldwin is a monsterous target, standing 6'5'' and weighing in at 225 lbs. He is a dynamic possession receiver, much like another Pitt standout: Larry Fitzgerald. He may not have breakaway speed, but Baldwin makes up for that in his size and ability to catch the ball in traffic. He is easily a top 20 pick.

Wide Receiver: Julio Jones

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    Julio Jones is well known for being on the #1 ranked Alabama team headed by a flashy running game. This run game is so great BECAUSE of Jones. He is an excellent run-blocker receiver, and a solid wideout as well. He has solid top 25 potential.

Quarterback: Jake Locker

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    Locker has prototype size for an NFL quarterback, along with great intangibles. He has a good arm, not great, but certainly not bad. To be honest, Sam Bradford's arm isn't that great and he still went #1 overall. Locker can run with the ball as well, he mirrors the playing styles of Ben Roethlisberger and Jake Plummer. Currently #1 selection talent.

Quarterback: Andrew Luck

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    Andrew Luck is said by some experts to be even better than Jake Locker. He has a solid arm, and can scramble for yardage when need be. The only problem is that he is a RS Sophomore, which makes him a long-shot to come out this year. He has top 10 talent.

Quarterback: Ryan Mallett

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    Mallet stands tall in the pocket at 6'7'' and has a rocket arm, but has some accuracy issues. His play reminds me of Derek Anderson (when he is at his best). He isn't one to leave the pocket, but he is able to get the ball into the hole quickly due to his arm strength. He is difficult to judge, but it's safe to say he has top 25 talent.

Offensive Tackle: Joseph Barksdale

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    Having prototype size at 6'5'' 315 lbs. Barksdale has the skill set to be a solid left tackle in the NFL. He isn't an overpowering blocker, which limits his ability as a run-blocker, but he has the technique and finesse to be a solid pass-blocker. If he plays well this year and improves his run-blocking he is a top 10 talent.

Your Thoughts?

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    What do you want the Bills to do in the 2011 draft assuming they are in position to get some of these guys?

    Personally I would love Locker or Luck with our first pick. Either trading back into the first round, or hoping that Julio Jones, Michael Floyd, or Jonathan Baldwin falls to us in the second seems wise as well.

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